Saturday, July 26, 2014

The "Black" magic :)

Black has always been my favorite color. Not sure if it was love at first sight when I saw the dark night's sky dotted with bright stars or when I saw those long Rapunzel like black tresses of my mom in her college pic. I love almost every thing and anything in black. Black phone, Black Tuxedo, Black shades and so on so forth. Black is forever classy and magical. Black does make me look thinner and my wardrobe mostly has black dresses. If I have to list down five things in black which I love the most, it goes like below

1.) Dark night's sky : I can stare at night's sky and dream on. The night sky looks charming with all the dotted stars and moon. Be it a chess board or the vast sky, white and black are the best companions. Recently we had a super moon and I thought some one hanged a huge air balloon on top of a building, looking at the size of the moon .I gazed at the sky with a wide open mouth once I realized it is the super moon and not the  balloon. Funnily I can day dream looking at the night sky and get lost in my thoughts. When I was in school I was lucky enough to witness a total solar eclipse. I always dreamt of  the possibility of being an astronaut but never mustered enough courage to kick start the plan. Sky , clouds, space every thing fascinates me. Shared below is a pic of the sky I clicked last year when Super Moon adorned it.

Super moon clicked by me

Image source : here . The super moon which beautified the earth on 23rd june . Next super moon is on 10th august.
2.) Long tresses : I love beautiful long black tresses. I envy people who have a long silky mane . Even a horse's silky mane looks beautiful. I never grew hair beyond my waist but I am happy with what ever I have. How ever when I see a woman with long jet black hair I gape at her as black beautiful hair feels magical. There are many crazy colors coming in the market to color your hair. Many try hard and get the artificial blonde look but what steals the show is the natural , lustrous black hair. I don't like the artificial glossy and glassy tresses they show in ads which act as mirrors. Hair looks best if it is natural. Black hair looks beautiful when let loose and even as a plait.
Hair is there to play with :) Anything and every thing done on the hair looks bful! Love this bun. Image source : here

3. Black beautiful eyes and the Kohl: Kohl just enhances the beauty of already beautiful eyes. I am addicted to Kaajal , eyeliner and I love applying mascara too some times. With out Kaajal I feel incomplete. When I underwent Lasik surgery, the first thing I asked doctor was , after how many days should I apply Kaajal, to which he smiled broad and said 2 weeks or so . I felt like I came to office with sleepy eyes all those days. Kohl is believed to have medicinal properties. Refer to wiki (
Kohl)to know more . Whether or not it has medicinal properties, this is the best cosmetic a girl can use, provided she doesn't have any allergy towards it. Shared below is a pic of beautiful eyes with Kaajal.

A smokey eye Kaajal liner which makes eyes look sharp and dreamy! Image source : here
My eyes on my wedding day :)

4.) Black Cat : "Black cat is not a good omen". We often hear people saying this. They are scary . "Eeww" , " Yeeks" are the usual reactions. I went with the flow and believed the society's norm that a black cat may actually harm us in some way, till I came across a black cat,my in-laws have as a pet. It erased all the stupid beliefs. The black Persian cat they own is given a name Kaajal and is highly adorable. It is actually very cute and pampered a lot. There are white cats too at home who have the names Missy and Mothi, but Kaajal steals the show. It is unique. It looks royal and I started looking at black cats differently after I met Kaajal- the cutie :)

Kaajal and chotu :) - Adorable kittens 
5.) Black Lamborghini : Any electronic product be it a mobile , tablet, laptop and any automobile be it a bike , car or a jeep looks classy and royal  only in black to me. As we are talking about royalty, here I want to mention my dream car. Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and, formerly, SUVs, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary brand division AudiIn 1998, Mycom Setdco and V'Power sold Lamborghini to the Volkswagen Group where it was placed under the control of the group's Audi division. (source: wiki.) It is my dream to travel in one black Lamborghini or a Ferrari. When ever I watch any sports car, I get an adrenaline rush. Even if it scares me I would love to travel in a luxurious sports car once.

Image source: here
A black Lamborghini - Image source : here

This color surely does the "Black magic" of the best kind! There are many more things which look best in the black but for now I am stopping at five :) .

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  1. Loved reading your 'black' list :) You have pretty eyes! Good luck with the contest :)

    1. black list also is a cool title to this post:)
      thanks for visiting my blog A

  2. Black is beautiful! :) Lovely eyes you have got, Afsh. And Kaajal is such a lovely name for a cat. She sure looks a beauty.

    1. thanks for bful complis:)
      earlier i posted the wrong pic. that was chotu .now i posted both chotus and kaajals pix

  3. Frank Sinatra’s song comes to my mind:

    That old black magic has me in its spell, that old black magic that you weave so well.
    Those icy fingers up and down my spine
    That same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine

    1. Sorry for the late replies Thanks a lot for remembering such bful lines after reading my post SG

  4. Oh, we both want a black cat and a cute picture of you. I think kohl will suit you. :)

  5. Babes ur eyes r like black cast its spell n leave mesmerized.
    Loved ur take on black.

  6. Love your black-love list. It goes without saying, your eyes look stunning. Kaajal looks so cute ^_^

  7. nice list.. surely its a magic.. all the best :)

  8. @Ekta : Thanks buddy for the compliments :)

    @Nandana : yep I love kaajal. Much thanks

    @ a Rat : thanks for acknowledging the post


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