Sunday, July 27, 2014

A tryst with nature

Clicked by me at Raja seat- Madikeri . Coorg

The first time I touched the heavy mist drops up on the hill,

it was a tickling sensation with a chill!
I cannot explain the feeling in words.
I felt I was  floating in sky crossing the dense woods!

When the fog cleared with a dash of sunlight,

there was a shower of rain drops, an amazing sight!
There was a flock of birds over the hill on a flight.
I felt like dancing in high spirit and delight!

The lonely benches and the dense fog covering the lamp posts,

rain, grass, every element of nature seemed to be "the hosts"!
Music was made by the flowing river midst of rocks.
Silence ruled with no necessity of talks!

The lush green trees surrounded the two sides of the road.

The whiff of Coffee and Pepper plants  was soothing and made me smile broad!
There was a mysterious pathway deep down the valley.
Each and every sight was inviting either with a rose or a Lilly.
The valley at Rajaseat: Madikeri
Lilly down the valley smelled heavenly
The sight and smell of the flowers and the gentle breeze took me to a different world.
My spirits rose and I could sing a song with ease as the evening started getting cold.
The wet mud smell soothed my nerves and sent me in to the valley of memories.
My head became light with aroma and heavy with nostalgia, increasing my energies! 

There was a gush of water flowing through the gates of the dam.

This eye capturing sight made the mind jam.
I felt like an enthusiastic kid when I traveled in the little tram around the forest.
Chirping birds ,a distant roar and the clear air filled with fragrance of nature surrounding me were the purest!

The smell of the hot tea and samosa brought a great end to the cool day.

It felt like the nature exuding it's beauty through out is about to rest!
The moon and the stars were shining bright in the sky.
They carried all eternal memories with spirit so high.
It was time to leave and I bid farewell to the mother nature with a "sigh"! 
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The above poem describes my heavenly trip to a hill station Coorg, in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka where I savored each and every element of nature! If you are near by, you must and should visit the place.

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  1. I have been to Coorg..and boy you made me revisit the place though ur lines!

  2. Never been there..made me feel the place actually...excellent :)

    1. your comment came as a surprise. thanks for reading

  3. Beautiful place, it is - Coorg and Madikeri. And Raja's seat is spectacular, especially during the sunset.

    1. it indeed is * I m planning a trip again to coorg. it is one of the best weekend getaway fpr bnglr
      thanks for reading sid

  4. Your beautiful poetry makes me miss Coorg so much!

    1. Thanks for reading dearie :)
      Ya I am planning to go again


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