Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The A to Z race - "Randomness rules again"- The Theme Reveal!

When I saw more than 100 comments for the theme reveal post in the group (A to Zeders 2014) I joined to stay motivated and to feel energetic, I thought why not give it a go ? After all this post will kick off my A to Z madness. I saw many of my favorite bloggers listing out their themes in the group and thought I would write down  few lines on my plan for A to Z!

My plan for A to Z is absolutely having no plan!

Even if my thoughts are hazy for now I am hoping they will surface in my brain and ooze out of my finger tips and I successfully type any thing and every thing which may be sensible and also nonsense sometimes and attain the nirvana I attained last year!

Last year was my first A to Z challenge and this year I am more jittery because I am working now and shuttling between two cities almost every week. I don't have ample of time in my hands to read others' blogs or to even proof read my own blog. But still I am jumping in to the fire of A to Z because I know this challenge tremendously transformed me last year. I know it is not going to be easy for me but I am hoping that doing this challenge as a group will definitely boost me and I won't drop dead in the middle of it. Some of the blogs I love reading from the group are Serenelyrapt (her theme already intrigued me), IndianAmericanMom (I met her and she is a sweet heart) , Shail Mohan (her love for nature is contagious and she is also themeless just like me and I am sure you will be glued to her blog), JanakiNagaraj (her poetic skills are worth applause), BlogwatiG (She will make you laugh, think and love her blog), Pooja Abhay ( My new blog friend- She for sure will mesmerize you with her 4 liners and rhymes), Deecoded (met her last year. Her theme Love actually is lovely) , Arpita (Be prepared to get nostalgic. She will take you down the memory lane), Lizzi Rogers (She will teach you about different kinds of writing . Make sure you read her), Cynthia ( a good blogger friend  who promises, just like last year to imbibe wisdom in her kids which we all need too) , Sfurti (Another blogger friend who will take you every day in to her life with her theme -“A day in my life”)

There are many other bloggers whom I met last year, to read whom I am looking forward this year too. There are many other new bloggers and I can't wait to know their style of writing. After all this challenge is a door which opens up to a world of endless exploring. You can learn, laugh , support each other when you are panicky and you can carry this memory for life time. Only thing is don't let the challenge defeat you! Fight it with all might and you will be the winner and don't let others' support and love get to your head, bones and nerves. Have faced this bitter scenario last year and would love to be miles away from such people who in the hoodwink of motivation behave like God Mothers/ Fathers !
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Lastly  *whistles please* . Now I am gonna reveal what you can "expect" on my blog. They will be totally random things. I am a person who thinks in a haphazard way but some times even my haphazard jottings and ramblings have a pattern. You may mostly read "few random pages of my life", "few posts on movies (Bollywood)", "few tributes to famous personalities," "few happenings which impacted me big time this year and last year," "may be few poems" and if nothing hits me that day may be a random cuisine by mom or an art work or a photograph!

Be ready to be bombarded by my randomness guys! . Will try to keep it simple silly for most part of the challenge this year. I will try to visit all your links when ever I can. I will be late but make sure that I visit most of you. Please excuse me if  I miss your blogs due to time constraints!

Lastly have a great APRIL! Brace yourself as my Fb wall and google+ , twitter and everything will be flooded with blog links:). I am sure we all are gonna bake our brains and make the April month hot and happening!
Love you all!


  1. Replies
    1. We sure will !
      Thanks for vising my blog Alex :)

  2. Good luck Afshan. This is my first time in A-Z challenge, so I'm a bit nervous and excited too :)

    1. Thanks Prasanna . Am sure U will successfully finish it. Good lck to u too

  3. Glad you are participating.

    1. Glad to see this comment :)
      R u participating ?

  4. Wow, good luck, you can do it, and even without a theme, I'll be reading!

    N J Magas, speculative fiction author, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

    1. Thanks @Njmagas :) !! Glad to know that u will come back and read
      Will wait for ur posts too ! Good luck

  5. Afshan, you will do great. :) Thanks for the mention. Remember, we are here for you. <3


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