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La belle dame in the beau France!

Allo everyone:) .The mere thought of a holiday to France is enthralling to me. I read about few destinations in Southern France during one of my journeys and decided that I will sort out my finances and visit France when ever I can.

France is the land of love and romance with extensive history. If the delicious French cuisine is to die for, the wine and champagne should be tasted at least once in life. There are many holiday destinations in France. The land of Eiffel tower attracts majority tourists. People who love adventurous skiing in the snowy Alps in winter and mountaineering in summer will love holidaying here. The natural beauty of France, marvelous landscapes and beaches are mesmerizing. If I get a chance I would love to holiday in France for sure. Below is my agenda the day I plan flying to France :)

Skyscanner is an amazing app which helps in comparing the flight rates and rounding on what suits you best. It also helps in searching the hotels and book cabs at your desired destination. Thanks to Indiblogger which helped us in knowing more about this cool app. Below screenshots show how this app helped me with my search! After a lot of research I rounded on a place called NICE to visit first in the France. I need solemnity, solace and rejuvenation and this place looks like it has what all I need for!
A glimpse of Skyscanner website
I explored little more with the help of skyscanner on my mobile and rounded on British airways which suited my budget. Find the screen shots below which helped me with my search. I have seen apps and websites like Makemytrip and many more but there is nothing like skyscanner. It is a one stop shop to know the flight rates and explore the places and know the duration and many other small big miscellaneous details.

I will make a checklist before my travel starts. The highlights would be like below

·         Passport, Id card and other essentials should be in place.
·         Plan for the currency exchange to Euros after arriving in France
·         Planning proper accommodation with the help of SkyScanner.
·         Planning the trip in the right time of the year, preferably from April to October.
·         Learning basic French words to not face any difficulty during the local sightseeing :)
·         Meticulously spending the Euros and being vigilant so as to avoid getting lured.
·         Last but not the least carrying the medical kit in case of emergency during the travel period.
When I Scanned the Sky :)
Where to holiday in South France ?:  It is a big question as the place is vast!. A holiday in Southern France is purely divine in winter as well as summer. Other than the crowded July and August rest of the year is off season and is calmer. The city which you must visit in South France is “Nice” in Côte d'Azur. It is easy to plan day trips to places like Monaco, Canes Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Menton from there. Aix-en-Provence situated further east is beautiful. You can book accommodation in a rental villa too. One can go hiking in the golden yellow fields or a day can be spent by visiting the nearby ski resorts. Cities in Provence such as Avignon, Arles, Nimes and Marseille are great to visit during the winter season as winter is sunny and pleasant. Even if swimming in Mediterranean is tough as it is cold one can enjoy a sea side stroll. The calanques are a major attraction of France holidays, which are steep-walled inlets of the sea, good for adventurous hiking and the sight is breath taking. Shared below are few glimpses!
The wide beach in Nice. Image source- here
This is a calanque. Isn't it breath taking ? Source -here
Camping holidays in France:  A holiday to France is incomplete if you miss the beaches of southern France. Camping in France should be in your to-do list. Camping is the best family holiday and you can stay in a luxurious tent or a mobile holiday home or a caravan. For an enjoyable camping holiday in France you have to first decide your budget and location. Again the skyscanner app will come handy here if you are facing challenges to contact people and know the details. French alps and beaches can make you dreamy.  With mouthwatering Croissants, magnificent lunches, coffee and amazing weather camping will make holidays to France memorable. Holiday caravan  secluded from the hustle bustle or a mobile home make the duration in France more interesting.
A camping holiday in France
Beach holiday:  France is a place for  perfect beach holidays with clear blue waters and warm climate. There are many pristine beaches. Cannes and Nice are famous for beach holidays and for family outings. A visit to Alps for a ski holiday makes a France holiday quite adventurous. Whether you are a professional skier or not you will have the ski slopes fitting your skills. Along with diversified cultures the holiday destinations in France are good for an adventurous trip. The treks, rock climbing, camping, cycling, canyoning, white water rafting and hiking make the trip more thrilling. With excellent beaches, rides and facilities France holidays are peaceful. Fishing holidays in France are good for fisher men and also  for anglers who just want to fish for fun.

Holidays of choice in France:-)

Walking holidays in France altogether give a different perspective. With necessary maps one can walk carefree. The self-guided walking trips or couple walks can be short or long and exciting. France has an amazing coastline with variety of beaches. If shores of Brittiany are rugged, Mediterranean is sun drenched. You can swim, surf and relax and also get a hotel accommodation overlooking the beach. You can hire a boat and enjoy the French Canal Boating Holidays. You can enjoy the scenery, rich heritage and history during boating. Driving holidays in France are good too. You can self-drive or rent a car and plan your trip. Villas, gites, apartments, hotels and chateaus provide an excellent holiday accommodation to tourists in France. There are many cottages and hotels at affordable prices for a perfect France holiday with in the budget. The luxurious accommodation and facilities like crèche, babysitting provide relaxing time for families with children. I would love to sit relax , enjoy the French wine and other cuisines and just get lost in the dreamy land of France!
Oui.  A holiday in France will totally leave you in awe.

This is the true blue color of water in Mediterranean at Nice - Source : here
Walking Holiday in France. Solitude can be a bliss!
Image source : here
From learning French to eating the mouth watering Croissants and holidaying in these exotic locations of Southern France , every thing linked to France is in my to-do list. I started dreaming about France from the day I read a beautiful ballad  "La Belle Dame sans Merci" by John Keats. I am charmed by the place, history, Leonardo Davinci, the art and the rich culture. I want to visit the Cannes Film Festival. I want to get amazed by Monalisa at the Lourve and get amused at the Palace of the Versailles. I will be visiting the fashion capital of the world and the most romantic city- Paris and stand on the top of Eiffel Tower with my man as well but the place "Nice" is just etched in my mind , so it would be nice if I  plan my trip by starting with Nice.Let me know your dream destinations and how you will plan for them ?
The famous French Wine, Bread , cheese and grapes. Source: here
John Keats- Source - here . I love his poems and quotes :)

"Merci for reading my dream trip to France.

After writing all this I am definitely in a trance!
Bonjour my dear readers till we meet again here with the same fervour.
If you liked this write up share your views and vote for me hereAu revoir :-)!"

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  1. I think my comments are just disappearing! I must say this is a comprehensive and well rounded post! It made me rethink my decision to only go to Paris..I also want to explore the places like Nice now..but I'm so short of time...Loved your post Afshan...I hope you get to visit France soon and all the best woman :)

    1. Thanks for being here with the first comment :) am eagerly waiting for your France travelogue
      Have fun !
      Thanks for wishes

  2. Even I wanna visit France, Afshan. You have listed the points nicely.
    Hope we get to visit soon! Best wishes for the contest :)

  3. Ooh, look at those pictures. France has always been so alluring. Wish you good luck, Afshu! Hope your dreams of a visit come true!

    1. Thanks for ur wishes Rachna !!!! and thanks a ton for hoping that my dreams will come true

  4. France has always been on my list of must visit places yaar.... Hopefully I will go one day.. but here is wishing that you get to go real soon and fulfill your dream :)


  5. Nice post :) I too wanna visit France now :-P

  6. That was nicely researched and presented.France is definitely an attraction. Best of luck for the contest.

    1. Ya Europe all in all is dreamy for us I guess.
      Thanks TF:)

  7. France is a dream destination. I loved reading yo9ur description of the places and the pictures too. Looks like that skyscanner is a cool app.

    1. Thanks Shail !
      Ya so far I found it useful
      Glad to see ur comment :)

  8. I love the title. Beautifully presented, good luck.

  9. You almost made me change my plans with your amazing post! Good luck with the contest!

  10. Thanks for sharing this nice post..keep posting....

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