Sunday, January 12, 2014

Head-Heart conflict to feel alive again!

 I knelt down by my bed side that night and prayed to god for long.
 I was not asking for a favor or a help but wanted to know what's wrong.
 In my heart I want to be happy but my head thinks differently.
 Heart says, "You are mad. Bothering about your hair is so silly!"

 Head responds, "What do you know heart? You ooze blood. I bear the hair!"
 Heart says, "Heart knows everything. It just feels the happiness and despair."

 Head: "My friends have a strong tuft of hair and I have measly strands which is not fair."
 Heart: "But your friends cannot think like your head or mind. Is it not fair and square?"
 "Oh! What do you know heart ? It is the external beauty which charms all."
  "But history has proved that no brainers can rise but they soon fall!"

"History doesn't know all the mysteries. We humans are a challenge to history!"
"How can you say that? History witnessed the wars and the victory."
"I for sure know history can only witness but not resolve the conflicts between you and me."
 "You and me can be one and the same if we sit and talk by not letting the differences just be!"
Head laughed loud: "Ha ha. Resolving the differences? You and me? For that you have to first listen heart."
 Heart clearly puzzled replied: "But that's what I do starting from the morning to noon and till mid of the night!"

 "If you know what I want, you would have done a miracle to make my hair silky."
 "I know no miracles. If I interfere in your matters, you call me nosy and pesky."
 "From this second I will not call you nosy. Now will you listen to my desires and wants?"
 "If only you sit and talk and not get worked up and bang the doors and chant the rants!"

 "You have no idea that I have been chanting prayers and not rants. I feel blue!"
  "I am a part of you. I have seen your good and bad hair days along with you!"
  "I tried to meditate along with my friend to ignore the hair problem."
   "And you failed horribly even after chanting for hours , your Om Om Om!"

 "I destroyed the idiot box which shows in the ads a lovely long mane."
  "And I tried to stop you from doing the stupid act but you were insane!"
  " I was frustrated to the chore as my hair looked like entangled set of wires."
  "But your frustration lead to a decision which was hasty and unwise!"

     "Then tell me what to do heart?  Give me a permanent solution to fix this."
      "I can't do it overnight but this can help and give you some bliss!"
       Saying so heart handed over a magic solution to head.
       After few days head stopped whining and it felt like the happy time started!

      Head felt light and recharged. It felt like a final good bye to the loneliness.
      Head hugged heart and smiled broad due to the new found happiness.
      The hair felt lively and the life never felt so refreshing before.
      Head and heart wanted to experience this more and more!

        Bad hair days affect my mood and my office work.
        Bad hair days lead to an ill-temper which makes me a jerk.
        Good hair days keep the mind fresh and cool.
        Good hair days make me feel that you lose and I rule.
        From then on days of good hair finally kicked off.
        Hair looks smooth, shiny, healthy and there was no huff and puff.
        Heart and head became friends again and even talk over a cup of coffee.
        Heart warns head not be obsessed with hair and not to fall for a taffy!


      Both heart and head felt alive again and lived happily ever after.
      Their motive is to lead a peaceful life and never compare themselves with some other.
      A perfect balance between good looks and a warm heart is their art.
      Hair got shiny but the heart should be more glossy to win another heart!

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  1. haahahahahaah I loved the bitstrips!!!!
    especially the HAIR RECHARGE OM OM OM!

    1. I am glad it made u laugh :) Thanks for dropping by

  2. Superb.... congrats in advance for Vespa... vroom vroom vroom

    1. ye thoda zyada ni hogaya :P ? anyway thanks Ekta

  3. Nice one! And so very creative!!!

  4. fab poem
    loved it
    the comic strips rock

    1. THanks Zooni Khan
      Btw I love ur name :)
      thanks for reading

  5. Those comics are the bomb. Loved how they went right along with all the way through. Pure awesome! ♥

  6. woah! really nice! I love the way your obsession matches with mine! :D


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