Monday, January 27, 2014

Whats (Y)apping!

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When I decided to write on this topic this week for Half baked beans, I was smiling to myself as anyone and everyone is addicted to what’s app these days. Yes it does save time when you have to share some photo-graph or a video or a file from your mobile with other person who has what’s app downloaded on his mobile but what next? It for sure doesn’t stop there.

Everyone keeps checking their mobiles for some what’s app fun message or a forward or a pic. It’s not an exaggeration if I say what’s app is one of the top five communication platforms in the world now, first being Facebook closely followed by twitter. Many other chatting apps have come to light after what’s app like we chat, wow talk etc. but no other app could beat what’s app. From a maid to a carpenter to a gym trainer to a shop keeper, everyone has what’s-app downloaded on their mobiles.
My father can use internet but is not well-versed with the day to day changing techno trends. He has a smart phone. I downloaded what’sapp on it but he never used it. He wanted to finalise a function hall for my brother’s wedding. Before visiting the hall, the concerned person asks my father if he can use what’s app! My dad was not very sure. The person in charge wanted to share the snap shots on what’s app for a primary approval. The second experience was when a carpenter asked if any of us have what’s app on mobiles as he wanted to forward some designs. Like this I had many encounters with what’s appers. Whenever I save a number I get curious and check if he/she is using what’s app. Few days back I saw that a Mehndi-wallah who came to apply mehndi on our hands during my brother’s wedding was what’s apping and smiling.

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  1. hahahahah u knw I have no problem with whatsapp except the "last seen at" part. One cannot even avoid someone without being caught. Now I have this app called the "whatsapp hider" which hides my lastseen at :P

    1. hehe but why a different app ?
      You can do that in settings . Go to settings---> Chat Settings---> Advanced--> Last seen Timestamp.
      Disable it. Voila! No one will know aap haazir ho ki nai :P
      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for reading as always

  2. wow I didn't know whatsapp was that popular in India. Carpenter has whatsapp. wow. Technology has made life very simple na?

    1. :) It is popular. Anything related to networking gets popular in India in no time.
      Btw welcome to my blog. Hope u enjoy reading it

  3. Nice write-up, Afshan. It seems e-evolution is on its way. Survival of Smartest, may be the new mantra. It's good to see the use of technology in the right way, making life simpler. I could not find the advanced setting on my android phone, does it vary with OS?

    1. ya it for sure is easy and saves lot of time . Isn't it ? Until unless it is not overused any technology is like a boon to me !!
      Am not sure if it has any OS restrictions but I have it in iOS. Try updating ur app once and let me know !

      BTW heartiest congos !
      Hope we all meet on ur D - day
      take care :)

  4. You'll have to forgive me because I don't have a smart phone, but I have came across some news stories and such about some of the really silly apps that are out to post about on occasion. My kids use one called Snap Chat. I'll have to ask them about the What's App. :) Have a Great Wednesday.

    1. @Gossip_Grl ; ;) Thats ok ! ask ur kids. Am sure they will be knowing about What's app :D
      U too have a grt day.. thanks for dropping by!

  5. Can you believe I don't WhatsApp ??? Actually I am happy that I have one addiction less :P
    But good analysis...of course everyone's on it !! I try to use my phone my minimum !! Only calls and msgs :)

  6. I've heard of it, but I rarely pay attention to apps, there are just so many of the things


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