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Journey to the Mars and the victory of the "Greater Good!"

It is the year 3210. The epidemic is spreading quickly. After the fifteenth world war it has become tough to see hope and happiness on earth. Mayan's prediction finally is coming true. It sure looks like life on earth is about to end not due to natural calamities but due to the deeds of the earthlings, to be precise of humans. Rapists are still roaming freely on streets. Terrorists are still flourishing. Corruption is still prevalent and crimes are rampant. Killing each other for power , money and jealousy has become very common. Law and order has gone to dogs. People have lost control. Every one started taking law in to their own hands."The crusaders" started fighting and killing unconditionally to become powerful. "The governmentalists" tried and failed in peacemaking. They appointed a special squad with the name "The greyhounds" to deal with the crusaders. Greyhounds could curb the destruction by putting a check on the pursuits of crusaders but they couldn't totally eradicate them. Unfortunately many supported crusaders as they lured them with temporary perks and wealth. People lost hope on government and started following the path of crusaders.

On one dull afternoon Jacob the astronomer who works at UK SETI Research Network was having a late lunch after some brain storming on how to track the extra terrestrial signals. As he was angry and frustrated at work he took a large bite of the hot dog to quickly finish the lunch, when he heard some disturbance in transmission in the near by machine. When he walked to the desk he realized that its not a normal disturbance. He could hear voices more like grunts and groans in the machine. When he adjusted the signal he realized that aliens were trying to send some messages. The translator in the machine read the messages.

"Hi. We are calling from space shuttle MARSTRO20. We come from Mars." It was the text on the computer after translation.

Jacob typed, "Hello. What do you want from us ? Where are you actually?"

Alien : "My name is Juper. We are right now nearing the earth. We should be there in an hour or two provided your aerial traffic is clear. We have a proposal for you."

Jacob: "What proposal is it?"

Juper: "We need man power , resources and knowledge from earth to establish our planet. In return we can provide you advanced technology , weapons and battleships. We know that you are fighting against the crusaders. We can help you if you can help us."

Jacob: "But if you have access to advanced technology why don't you do it yourself?"

Juper : "Because we are very less in number. We can make space ships , advanced weapons, battle ships but not able to organize things in our planet. For that we need your help. We heard that the organisational skills of earthlings are commendable. We need some of your resources till the initial set up is over. If I say in the earth-slang we need technical support. Of course you will be trained in our technologies. We will give knowledge transition about our machines, way of life,so on so forth.We would love to learn the languages of Earth and the way a government is formed and all that. In return we will lend our warships and weapons to you to fight against the crusaders."

Jacob was tempted by the offer but he was not very sure why the aliens were so confident that they should get help from them. Some thing seemed fishy to him. What if aliens are bluffing and want to occupy the earth! Jacob was lost in thoughts when Juper spoke up as if he was reading Jacob's  brain.

Juper: "We are not here to cheat you. Unlike you people our brains are corruption free. We never had wars and never really used our battle ships. I just want to take the "good learning" from the earth back to Mars with us." He replied startling Jacob.

Juper's wisdom silenced Jacob but he still had his doubts and was not able to trust the aliens.

There was a booming sound in the near by cricket stadium which halted Jacob's stream of thoughts. No one on the roads bothered about the sound due to the ongoing war. Jacob went to stadium along with his higher authorities to receive the aliens.
Juper and his fellas getting down the space ship.
Image source : "here"
After a day long discussion Jacob and his bosses, co- workers , the grey hounds and govern-mentalists came to conclusion that this is the best option they have to eradicate crusaders. They brainstormed and prepared a war strategy. The war between Crusaders and the Aliens & Greyhounds lasted for about a fortnight. By the end of it Greyhounds tasted the victory. Crusaders tasted the wrath of the advanced weapons and didn't struggle much to continue the battle.

Peace was restored again on earth. Aliens or rather Martians were honored by the Queen and the U.K. Prime Minister. A grand party was thrown to celebrate the success. However Martians didn't relish the lavish food spread.

Juper: "We only have the Mother tree from where we get food. We bought some food with us in the space ship."

Jacob: "Awesome man. I cannot wait to visit your planet!" Replied Jacob in an overexcited tone.

By the next dawn Jacob and the team which included Charlie, Mary , Robin and few others boarded the space shuttle along with all other Martians. They got all the food supplies , water and all other essentialities packed for 3-5 months. As the earth was springing back to life Jacob and team zoomed in to the skies to help the Martians.

In a week's time they reached Mars. The team from earth was spell bounded by Mars's beauty! The two asteroid shaped moons of the Mars adorned the sky and the sight was gorgeous. The team was given special armors to be worn on top of their space suits to stay safe on the Mars. The land was mostly barren other than the mother tree and few shrubs here and there.

Man on the Mars. Jacob exploring the Mars.
Image source:"here"
All together there were 150 Martians residing on the planet.  The number was too small for such a huge planet. Unless until you keenly observe you won't be able to see life on the planet.Mary and Robin joked that they can start real estate business on Mars and buy and sell lands. Mother tree acted as a house to many strange birds and animals. Each insect was the size of a sparrow. Charlie joked that MARS-quitoes are very strong and they might need 5litre blood on an average. Thankfully they had the protective armor given by Juper and Co which acted as a shield to marsquitoes and other strange insects and birds. It still was stifling due to the new atmosphere. The gravity of Mars is 62% of the earth. Walking is not that easy but with the special boots provided by Martians , the Terrans(Earthlings) could walk smoothly!
Jacob and team crossing the Mother tree. To their right you can see
the huge Mars-quitoe and the space ship which just landed. You can also see the distantly visible earth in the sky.
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Every one started exploring the land of Mars and chalking out plans to organize things there. The team from Earth was flabbergasted due to the various life forms on Mars. For a minute they felt that they entered some sci-fi movie set . All kinds of creatures which we usually find in Disney or Dream-works animated movies are present on the Mars. Every one gasped and gaped at them in awe. Many strange creatures like Mermaids which are named as Mars-maids , Centaurs which actually intimidated every one, Griffins which have the eagle head and a lion torso  left Jacob and Co speechless!

The more intelligent Martians looked similar to Juper and excel in one or the other thing. They have knowledge but don't have a proper channel to dispense it. Jacob and team started their work on day 2 of their visit to Mars after having some liquid diet in their break fast. It included re-hydrated beverages and fortified fruit syrups. As the gravity is less every one weighed lot less than what they weigh on earth. Every one started teasing Mary who is obese that she can at-least say that she has cut down her weight now! After some good laughs they started talking to Juper and team. After few meetings it got finalized that the priority task is to recognize each person's skills and allot a job to them. They will be given different colored attires which will help in recognizing their career!

For instance shrinks can wear dull green. A fitness instructor can wear blue as blue represents youth and spirituality. Scientists can wear parrot green. Security can wear red. A writer can wear a brown colored suit and so on so forth. All Martians were excited by this new strategy. Having a job title actually made them very happy and proud!
Various creatures on the Land of Mars and Martians wearing uniforms as per their careers.
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Jacob started making a skeletal plan for establishing hospitals , schools , gyms and any other necessities which Martians would demand. After lot of brainstorming and many meetings a school , hospital , police station , gym and a bank were written in the priority list of buildings to be built on Mars. Jacob and team explained to them about money , banks and economy of their country and how it can also be implemented on Mars. Things quickened and in a months time a school was ready for Martians. They had books on languages , Mathematics , computer sciences and Biology. Selective subjects were Languages of Earth - English , French , Spanish and many more. Three months down the line a hospital , gym and a grocery store and bank were constructed. Many more trees were planted based on their adaptability to Mars's soil. Inventory in the store was based on the needs of Martians and an amusement park also came to life. Needs increased with each passing day and the to do list started getting lengthy.

Martians were very pleased by Jacob's work and named the hospital as Jacob Hospital! Jacob was overwhelmed by this. That night they had a small party where every one smiled , sang and danced. Martians watched in amusement when Jacob and team sang and danced. Mars looked much more lively now with the intervention of Terrans. Juper and Jacob congratulated each other and Jacob finally decided to bid good bye to Martians. They planned that they will have an annual tour from Mars to Earth and viceversa every year. Jacob and the team came back to Earth safely with many memories , joy and success. They became the first team to stay on Mars for so long. MARSEARTHY3K was launched for the annual visits purpose.

Five years down the line people started visiting Mars easily. It was as easy as flying from India to the U.S.A. Tourism to Mars became the most enjoyable experience which cannot be afforded by all. Life on Mars improvised and Mars resembled Earth a lot now.As the greed for money and power are slowly increasing we have to now wait and see if peace will prevail the planet or not! For now Mars became the favorite brother planet to Earth :)
MARS . Five years down the line!
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  1. Good take Afshan..enjoyed reading it. Sad that it will be happen long after we are dead and turned into ash. :) All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks for being the first to comment here . I am glad that u enjoyed the post :) thanks for the wishes

  2. Am looking forward to 3215 when i can enjoy Mars tourism.Love the cartoons and fictional story..:)Best wishes for the contest.

    1. am looking forward. If at all I have some sanjeevini will drink and wait ;)
      Thanks for reading anymous dev !
      Glad u liked it

  3. Damn...I was to space explore now!!!!!!! All the best for the contest!!

    1. Thanks for wishes !
      Aaah. I too wish exploring space was this easy !

  4. Loved the idea of a corruption-free attitude that Juper mentioned... but a 'dress code' for everyone makes me nervous. What will bloggers wear? :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. hahahha
      Bloggers can wear multicolors depending on the mood and the article they r writing :)
      Thanks for reading Arvind! Glad u liked it

  5. Wow! I wrote about Mars too at but your post is way more visual. Thanks for introducing me to toondoo - will use it next time.

    1. Will soon give a read. Toondoo is a cool website . Do try
      Welcome to my blog Tony . Thanks for reading !

  6. Cool,marsquitoes and marsmaid:D, a wow trip and refreshing toons and imagination:)

  7. A wonderful post Afshan :) Loved it truly. :) All the best :)

  8. This is a fantastic work, Afshan! I loved the word - Mars-quitoes. Awesomely interesting write up!
    Way to go girl. Way up, ahead! :) :)

    1. Loved ur comment which made my day :)
      thanks a loooot

  9. what a fantastic post! to be able to go to another planet and converse with the people there. I just hope that whenever it happens good comes of it. Otherwise, human beings, not satisfied with world wars, will get into inter galactic wars.

    1. Thank U cynth for reading and liking it :) !
      Ya I hope galactic wars dont happen but I wud love to travel to another planet if it is this easy :)

  10. Wow! Enjoyed the Mars tourism :) All the best for the contest Afshan !!

    1. Thanks ! Glad that U enjoyed Jahid
      best wishes to u too

  11. I wish this happens in our lifetime. And 15 World Wars? I think the world cannot stand even one more. :)


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