Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just for Fun

Caution: It’s a real life incident. Resembling anyone living or dead is quite possible.

Inside gym, in mid of the happening bustle I finally found a free cycle. Caught hold of it. After all the settings started my cycling .There was a guy on my left who was pedaling vigorously at a speed of 20 and a girl came settled just to my right. She was setting the level and speed. There was a huge mirror in front of me. Obviously everyone was checking their own reflections [eagerly to see if they lost a chunk from a cheek or a thigh ]

The girl next to me was checking her reflection. She was very chubby but pretty!!

I gave a glance at her!

The way she slowly continued her setting and resetting process made me feel she will take one hour to finish her 15min of cycling and 3hrs to finish the rest of her cardio (treadmill + cycle + cross-trainer)  but whatever pretty girls do is cute to boys! So there he was glancing at her, smiling, pedaling, checking his sweat on the brow and his muscular hump under the shoulder (not spectacular like john abraham's though)
Now don’t ask me if I checked him out so much?  Yes I obviously did! Not him, but his reflection J

Then the pretty damsel was setting her weight. I got a bit mischievous and was giving a side glance. The strong built lad gave a straight glance at her. She was about to set the weight but then gave a disapproving "hmppf" look at the boy and then reduced 2kgs!

LOL! I was about to roar with my loud laugh but tightened my lips and again looked at his reflection.

He was smirking at my reflection.

It was a joke silently passed just between our images. I never bothered knowing who he is but I will remember the moment :) 
Image source : "here"


  1. The moment is worth remembering .nice one.

  2. Ha ha ha! You know that is what I don't like about gyms. It makes you so conscious. Some people just keep looking unabashedly. I remember one of my office colleagues, a guy, would discuss about his own gym experiences -how he would talk to girls there or watch them, etc, etc. I think he used to spend a good part of his gym time in doing these extracurricular activities. And we would tell him, because of guys like you, we don't go to the gym :-)

    1. haha ya sometimes people just behave in a weird way in gym but when u r immersed in working out I think it doesnt matter much !

      Thanks for dropping by my blog Reema

  3. Hilarious post. I know these days gym is more of lover's point then exercise joint............I always prefer exclusive gym centers for women.
    Though I don’t mind listening to girl/boy gossips…..hahaha


    1. haha with in limits it is fun but too many stares and irritating looks are sometimes tough to face :)
      thanks for reading my blog AnuymousDev :)

  4. That was funny and interesting. I have never exercised in a gym, Afshan :). And sometimes, we do find these tiny moments of fun with perfect strangers. When I read that disclaimer, I thought it was going to be a serious post :).

  5. Thanks for dropping by Rachna
    Ya that disclaimer is confusing :p this is an age old post digged out of excavations !
    Ya sometimes it's funny when yu share a joke with total stranger that too with a silent nod :)

  6. It is lighter moments like these that make life worth living :D


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