Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The progressive(retrogressive??) metamorphosis of CON-Fessions !!!


  1. Absolutely! with more and more anonymous confessions on the rise, I guess church's future is in danger. Nice one :)

  2. @Saurabh Chawla :Hehe lol !
    CHURCH is out dated now I guess with the intervention of FB :-} :{
    Thanks for dropping by

  3. I saw a few confessions on Facebook some time back. It is amusing that people have so much time at hand.

  4. @amit : hehe ya ! till some point it was fun. After that irritating , scary , monotonous and yawn-some !!
    Phew !!
    blogger confessions was boring of all

  5. It's the new thing and I enjoy it immensely. Good one Afshan!

  6. haha...this is awesome :P Those confession pages on Facebook are turning our to be such a menace!! Almost every institution has a confession page which reads more like an abuse page...people are taking advantage of anonymity and falsely accusing others.
    Lovely post.
    P.S- Am your 102nd follower :)

  7. @Saru : :) I too enjohyed till some time // till I posted mine :P later it got boring . hehhe now I sound like a narcisst. LAter it got repetitive and monotonous

    @Swarnali : Ya tooo many pages yar.. Few were funny though to which U can connect to and few r boring !!
    THANKS for reading and following me :)

  8. wow, did you make that, Afshan?! It's hilarious!

  9. @Kritika : Thanks for dropping by

    @RoshniAmom : Am glad You found it funny ;) atleast thode log hase na !!
    I made it with the help of
    The cartoons are theirs. Idea and conversation all done by me !


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