Sunday, March 10, 2013

"A Poem to Sophie"

Sophie and Meena are friends from school . Meena came back to India after school as her father's work-tenure in Newyork was over. Till date Sophie and Meena stay in touch through facebook , emails and phone calls but they never actually get time to talk for long .

One fine day after watching Sophie's pics Meena randomly writes a poem for her which goes like below.

Dear Meena,

After ages I returned home from office very early today and with a hot cup of tea by my side thought to write a poem for you as I was thinking about you. Hope you like it :)

"To Sophie!"

The first day at the school in the U.S.A. I entered the class and was placed beside you.
I was tensed and became mute and froze as I had no clue.
You broke the ice and introduced yourself with a sweet smile and a hand shake.
There was no looking back after that as we spoke everything and did not fake!

You were my role model and my best friend in school.
It’s not just your looks or hair but it is due to your attitude so cool!
I always looked up to you and wanted to adapt your ways one or two.
You seemed like a person whose words are pure and heart true!

My dear Sophie, you had silky smooth loosely tied long plaits.
Your tresses were so dense that they can hide your actual traits.
But when you are too stressed they seemed to take it too.
They sagged and roughened which is so unlike you!

We reached graduation and kept in touch through pings or an occasional mail.
In this fast paced life we forgot to talk to each other like before without fail.
Hence I thought today I will take time and type out what I want to say
If not this hour it will always be in drafts long forgotten if I delay!

When I saw your latest pic from your trip in which you were leaning on window pane. 
I remembered the good old days when I used to love your braids and your shiny mane.
Not that you lost your charm but I know time took its toll and you decided to cut your hair.
When I remembered your beautiful braids I totally felt it’s not at all fair!

The decision is yours whether you want to tie a braid again or not.
Being your best friend I feel you will be extra pretty if you tie your hair in a knot!
I am enclosing below your childhood pic where you look like a cute princess.
Would love to see the free flowing hair again with zero stress!

We shall meet soon some time and revive all the forgotten memories.
It would be cool if we both can look like before flushing all the drudgeries.
Looking forward to our meet after six months when you will visit India.
Am sure it will be a grand meet and you and I will be rejuvenated Sophia!

Loads of love.
Yours Meena .

Once Sophie finished reading the poem with a smile she decided she will take her best friend's advice and start growing her hair and look like her old-self :)

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  1. The idea is rocking! I enjoyed reading the poem. Good luck Afshan :)

  2. Thank U Saru :)
    Glad u liked it.. .The compliment means a lot

  3. Good luck with your post
    I voted

  4. Sophie her self visited my blog ;) ;) I dont think "VOTES" work much !
    anyway thanks sophie
    All the best to u too!

  5. Poignant and heart warming post...loved reading it...congrats on your win :)


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