Friday, March 8, 2013

Is this a real "Happy" Women's Day?

Happy women's day to all the women.
Happy women's day to all the men who are with women to get rid of the bad o"men".
A happy women's day is to not  to just brag about the day.
A happy women's day is not just some thing to show off and say!

The real happy women's day is the day when she is actually happy and not in fray.
The real happy women's day is when there is no looming cloud which is grey.
Let's take a small oath today that tomorrow should be better in every possible way.
Let's just join our hands with the hope of a better society and let's get together and pray !

Hope the day comes when she eventually gains respect from all.
Hope to make her point she always doesn't need a brawl.
Hope both the genders stand on the same plank and there would neither be rise nor fall.
Hope a woman will not be objectified and treated only like a pal!

The woman is your mother who thinks you are her best creation.
Even God shuns thinking he is none to frame the rules for this relation.
For every problem you face a woman can be your sibling and give a solution.
She can be your best friend and advise when there is a commotion!

Before advising men fellow women should learn to treat each other with respect.
Rather than pulling each other down, one should think about their better prospect.
Before asking others not to ill-treat you, love yourself and build supremacy over you.
Stick to your words and do not lose confidence how ever hard people try to break you!
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You me and every one build this society we are living in from ages.
It has good, bad, ugly embedded and also malicious people in the disguise of sages!
Hoping that every one can be free spirited and not live in the self-built cages.
Hoping the way many think and want others to think eventually changes!!


  1. What a poem! Congrats on the Tangy Pick!

  2. Hey Saru thanks for reading and double thanks for informing :)

  3. Lovely.. The message comes across so well in simple selection of words.

  4. Lovely lines Afshan ! 'Stick to your words and do not lose confidence how ever hard people try to break you!' I loved the concluding lines.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your words imbibe an instant confidence in me .
    Thanks 4 reading and thanks a lot for this comment @diana musings


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