Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go savour the Barfi !

Movie: Barfi
Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Priyanka Chopra, Saurabh Shukla
Director: Anuraj Basu
Screenwriters: Anurag Basu, Sanjeev Datta
Producers: Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Director of photography: Ravi Varman
Costume designers: Aki Narula and Shefalina
Music: Pritam

Barfi – When I read the title I was wondering will it be so awesome like barfi that we can savour throughout the movie but I must say it’s much more relishing, relieving specially after watching and not watching but just hearing about bundle of crap Bollywood recently dished out like Ek tha tiger , Jism 2 , Raaz 3 etc etc . I was scared if mute Ranbir will disappoint me specially as I love the animated Ranbir immensely but GOSH am amazed to see him in a much more vivacious character giving his best and cutest performance. His expressions, eyes , pure soul , his don’t worry be barfi attitude and his sign language will definitely steal audiences hearts. Having said that the autistic Jhilmil uraf Priyanka steals the show soon after she enters. Initially I was little apprehensive as to how she would carry herself but she comes out with flying colours brightly  doing absolute justice to her name and role ! Illeana D’cruz who gained fame in tollywood is gorgeous and she didn’t over do her part. Strangely I liked the way she performed for the first time. May be here the credit goes to Anurag Basu. Like in many Anurag basus movies musicians are playing their instruments in the back drop. Remember Gangster , Life in a Metro :-) ? As soon as I saw the music band I sensed its Pritam even without checking out the cast and crew. Music is soulful and the title song “Matwaala Barfi “ sung by Mohit chauhan and Swanand kirkire is magical and the narration of Barfis birth and how he is named Murphy is interesting. I even loved the song in the background during initial  titles “Picture shuroo hogai, Bachon aur mobile ko off karo” ! The movie starts with smiles and ends in smiles. Its like a subtle art of living lesson to all without long speeches and boring preaches. Main kya karoon by Nikhil Paul George is one more unforgettable song and voice. Rest all songs also blend well in the movie. The movie to me is picturesque and poetic the stanzas of which seamlessly flow.    

Three cheers to Cinematographer Ravi Varman who captured the scenic Bengal beautifully and I just made a mental note while watching the movie that I have to visit Darjeeling. The film oscillates between 1972, 78 and 2012 and Darjeeling and Kolkata in a slightly haphazard way but you don’t mind it as you are just smiling throughout due to our Chaplin cum Mr. Bean. Barfi’s tactics not only make jhilmil happy but also the audiences!  In few scenes you may even remember the Note book movie, the scene where Illeana’s mother tries to teach her why the engaged shruthi (Illeana) has to marry her Mr. Right and not Barfi and also in the ending scene where Jhilmil is curled up on Ranbirs death bed. In few frames I even remembered Sadma (Kamal Hasan and sridevis award winning movie where Kamal Hasan treats sridevi as kid and tries to civilise her). Ranbir looked similar to him in many frames , even in the frame with grey hair, nevertheless a loud applause to his performance which is solely natural and not a cheap imitation of any veteran !A pat on the back for priyanka chopra who made me think of the real autistic people and the challenges they have in life!

The film opens with a old Shruthi in the present day mentioning and introducing Barfi and the simple things he taught her in life followed by Barfi’s entry in Darjeeling who is fun-frolic guy  always bubbling with energy. He says “Biggest risk in life is not taking any risk.” Shruthi just when getting close to him ditches him and obeys the parents but destiny gives her chances to meet Barfi again and again. She cannot get over him even after 6 years of her marriage  but then story takes a different turn and Jhilmil and Barfi are together leaving shruthi a bit jealous at Jhilmil’s destiny and her own fate! Ranbir is extremely sweet and pull-a-cheek level cute but I must admit I was staring at Shruthi who is shown so beautifully! The scene where Barfi hugs and sleeps with his father who has a kidney failure and needs money for treatment is tearful. His eyes show so many deep emotions – love, helplessness, hope etc. The way he wants to earn money for his father’s treatment by kidnapping jhilmil and robbing bank and all other consequences are comical !

The way he tests friendship by cutting the lamp post and making his friends stand with him when it falls just at their feet is hilarious and our Jhilmil passes  the test as she is confident that holding the hem of Barfis shirt will protect her ! I personally loved this scene. To me it is the best scene in the movie. All the simple happenings and feelings in anyone’s life are portrayed amazingly ! Barfis philosophy is simple to enjoy the smaller things in life rather than running behind luxuries! Barfis world is shown dreamy like a fairy land with toy trains ,wintry forests complete with fireflies that you can catch in shimmering soap bubbles. Love doesn’t need perfection but love at times is a impulse of  heart without any pre plans and so  beautiful that you can lead a perfect life even with 100 imperfections. This is the beautiful message in the movie when Barfi and Priyanka start living together and Shruthi is left behind with her fantasy  to lead such a life and die together in each other’s  arms!

In one sentence You travel the Barfi’s journey on a roller coaster with all the smiles, awe and turm oil. If only every one who is physically strong could live in such a dream land of BARFI! Lastly if Rajkapoor was alive he would be proud of his grandson for being a showman like him!

My rating : 4.5/5


  1. Wow wow what a review Afshan, Ranbir must have done a great job na, heard a lot. And Illeana looked really good in the movie.

  2. @journaloframbles: Thank u..... Needless to say Ranbir just rocked and illeana gorgeous...PC was cute too in a way:) if u didnt watch go for it

  3. Beautiful review. Does full justice to the movie!
    >>Raj Kapoor being proud of Ranbir
    couldn't be more right. He has the makings of a great star. He was wonderful!

  4. :) thanks Nandana.
    yep i fell love with ranbir ;)

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