Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frenzy to be a Rapunzel!

She had hair flowing like a river so long.
One can climb down using the tresses so strong!
I always dreamt of me as Rapunzel singing a song.
My lucky Prince Charming always hovering around!

When I was in school I was so particular to have a long plait.
My mom had beautiful curls but I always wanted hair silky straight.
In the ads they show hair like a mirror, clean and bright.
They actually tensed me more and increased my plight!

As days passed I was happy with my hair which was black and thick.
I always was frightened about losing a hair when I was sick!
The mane was not a mirror and didn’t pull a truck or move a brick.
The regular hair care and love for it actually played the trick!

I was proud of my two plaits in the school.
Everyone was jealous and thought they were so cool!
Unless there’s any occasion Mom won’t let me go out with open hair.
I was sad at this and used to think it was pretty unfair!!

She told people eye it with jealousy leading to hair damage.
She used to say, “So my darling tie it and go to avoid the sabotage!”
Huh! Mom and her beliefs, I thought in a fit of rage.
We can never be on same page, It is generation gap I decided calculating her age!!

Years passed and I entered hostel for my graduation.
I was subjected to a 24*7 timetable and a lot of tension!
“I am losing lot of hair,” I cried out in phone one day.
 Mom equally tensed gave all possible tips, tough to follow, easy to say!

In despair I was thinking of some easiest way to maintain good hair.
A friend of mine came for rescue and gave tips for  hair repair.
Along with oil massages, shampoos and other tips to keep it strong,
she told one thing in my case which was perfectly going wrong!

Worn out, frail ,dead hair in my case is due to lot of stress I take.
She asked, “Why can’t I stay happy and smile just for my own sake?”
I wanted healthy long hair and not the parlour ones which really look fake.
I started being confident and happy and wanted to see the difference it will make!

Voila! My hair was stress free and I stopped whining looking at the mirror.
I loved to touch and feel my hair which prior felt like a terror.
My hair is the most precious thing to me than costly diamonds or gems!
My mom expressed her joy when she saw my hair and that was the end of my hair problems!!

If you love your hair and need good tips of hair care,do visit dove hair app on FB at "Dove"

This post is for indiblogger's "... and that was the end of my hair problems!"along with DOVE. You can vote for me at "Frenzy to be a Rapunzel"


  1. Nice poem. Even I was thinking of writing a poem for this contest.

  2. @the fool: :) other than a silly poem nthng came to my mind :-| urs is quite diff post though !good u dint write a poem too

  3. hey, this is cool. i have read a few contest posts but never came across a poem.

    all the best for the contest and you do have a new profile picture now. how did this miracle happen :D

  4. @deb: What????????? wat ru talkng :(
    I STILL CANT See the pic :'( :'( .........nt a miracle in my case!!

    By the way thanks fr the comment

  5. That's a lovely poem Afshan...all the best for the contest :-)

  6. Hey thats a nice poem ! All the best for the contest ...

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  8. @bloggiri team : I heard abt this alrdy!

    will surely join and am sure it will help me too!!
    Thanks for the comment :)
    keep reading my entries

  9. That's a beautiful poem Afshan. Best wishes for you and good luck too!

  10. That's a beautiful poem.....Nicely rhymed....All the best for the contest :)

  11. Thanks Valli !Keep aside the contest:P

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