Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook Veggie delight :P

When U go to a sabzi mandi , I mean a vegetable market U look at all vegetables and decide what to buy , which will last for long , what you feel like having that day, which are fresh, which are cheap, prices of which vegetables are sky rocketing that day etc etc. But my topic here is not the Vegetables and know all about them. Its the weird similarity I find between many vegetables being sold or bought home and the Face book Friends. You feel it weird?

Well, let me explain . Usually if a person is suffering from a dangerous disease and all his parts got dysfunctional, paralysed and if he is in coma and can do nothing with out assistance he is called a "Vegetable" as a vegetable doesnt move and functions as we want and responds to the effects!

The below analogy by me is little bit based on this and also the first para and many other observations which I don’t feel like detailing, but once U read I hope U will understand it if at all you are also in the battalion of FB 

So, I felt like writing this article when I was casually checking my FB friends, how many I have and with whom I really am in contact and did match the following with some veg- species like below;) Am not taking any names here ! Read on

Most of the Facebook friends are like vegetables. Dont believe me. See the picture below for a memory revival of few veggies U know (pic may not be clear :P). click on the pic for better resolution

Ø Some face book friends are happy go lucky types. They add you and they are always motivating and they are fresh and good when ever U talk to them even if its after many days or years. They might be buried safe under the soil like a potato but once U uproot them U don’t even have to take steps to preserve them (be in touch with them , keep liking them etc). They will always remember you and when you talk to them they always pass a sunny smile.

Ø Some others are like onions. You get them .Again no need of preservation. They add taste and spice to your life but when you cut them or try to be straight forward with them or get too close to them they emit venom , they may bring tears too (well this is overrated part so U can ignore :P )

Ø Some others are like a curry leaf or kothimeer. They too add spice to your life and the great taste as long as you use them, like them , be after them. Once you forget about them for long (preserve them in refrigerator) they are useless . They get dry. They dont respond to you.No spice, no taste and you have to agree that at times you too get selfish and throw them once U enjoy the effects, the way you do to a curry leaf!

Ø Few others are like those tomatoes! They are bright red and you feel dynamic and glad when you talk to them. They don’t even mind if you play tomatino but at times it may leave a bad odour on you but if you use them ideally they are with you and they can also give taste to any dish U make and be with U :) Their longevity is more even if you forget them!

Ø Few more are like beet root . They leave their color , odour, flavour so bright and pink all over your life and you become a bit like them even if you forget them later! They are healthy nutritous simple and easy with good effects

Ø Some more are like Bhendi (ladies finger) or may be like a cucumber, firm , tall , green, friendly. You preserve and forget about them , they get tasteless and at times emanate a rotten smell even by a poke!

Ø Some more are like leafy vegetables. They are green and make you lot energized but once you forget  they become dry soon and may get rotten and useless.

Ø Some are like milk which may break and get spoilt if not preserved carefully and you keep reheating and rekindling it. Some are eggs which when broken during preservation may not serve well and you feel like throwing them. In real life you may throw them but U keep the FB friends as you think breaking and throwing may be childish but ya if it bothers you to the chore you have the choice to dump! 

 ØFew are hard like coconuts. You can throw many rotten eggs and tomatoes on their walls or  on your walls, they stay rigid and indifferent;)

I can draw many more analogies but I shall stop here so as not to bore U, but I can say some friends are always fresh, out of the fridge when ever U need them and you realise they are walking and talking vegetables:)


  1. ROTFL :D
    And also wondering what type of veggie I am :D

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting.Cant really think of a veg here .You are a fruit- mango seasonal one but tasty Saniya!

  3. aaj kuch zyada hi sabjiyaan khareed liya kya mandi par?? :p

  4. Nope I always bring minimal veggies to cook :) bt its always cookng on FB with Limitless vegs :D:p

  5. Hmm..that's an interesting read. What am I what am I...nai nai yaha pe mat bata...mail karde, *trying to save my reputation* :D

  6. @nandana: No harm to ur reputation. U r a delicious mixed veg curry;)
    hehe kidding!

    You are coconut a sweet apple and potato too.. wel I may sound like I hav gone mad so shall stop hee ;)

  7. I have all of em in my list! :P yea everyone does i guess.. expect those few who have only like 10-20 friends :)
    500+ friends in list and it will be a miracle if I keep in touch with everyone of them in same way :P

  8. @vishnu : Am sure all hav all o them on list ;) Trust me, its always better to not be in touch with MANY :D


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