Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is What You Make it--Book Review

The title of the book is so apt. Every page and scene of the book adheres to the title. Yes Life is what You make it. Actually You can either make it or break it which is very well narrated in the ankitas story in the book. The flow is so gripping that I finished the book in one and half day to be precise if I minus the lunch hours and small breaks and I was shouting on top of my voice when my mom was requesting me to dry the clothes or clean my room and etc etc while reading the book over the weekend!! She was shouting “ You and Your books. I will hide all of them” !
The sensitivity we should be having towards the patients with few disabilities and how they can be actually cured by little love and concern is also well narrated and it was realistic.. Its like the characters were coming out of each page and the events were happening right in front of me! I loved the book in and out. I remembered Taare Zameen par a bit where the dyslexic ishaan is treated nicely by aamir khan . MARK MY WORDS :: This book is entirely different from the movie and not at all a copy. But I could relate aamir khans role to the doc and also the bipolar disorder with the dyslexic disorder ! Love , Empathy and the way U treat people by reminding their strengths instead of their problems continuously and showing sympathy creates positive vibes and actually does wonders.
The whole of india is mostly orthodox. People believe heavily in traditions , family restrictions and many other age old beliefs. Be it kerala or Hyderabad or any other remote place in india. But ya after reading the book I felt Kerala is also a place where people can die to stick to their traditions and family values and respect like many other places in India! Its so common every where in india where if you see a boy and girl together you conclude that they are lovers or having some illegal affair !! Most of the Parents protect you and gauge you if you are a girl which actually creates suffocation…
The college life is described very naturally. You can actually relate to many chapters of the grad days of Ankita…her friends group..their feelings and every thing! The role which really touched me is Abhi’s . His sincerity, Love…though writing letter in blood is little dramatic are touching…I was almost in tears when Abhi says “ Just stay in touch That is it I want to ask Ankita” …”That is it” ..I guess it was 12:30 (past midnight) when I was reading this very part of the book and I really felt sad and couldn’t sleep for long after that . WAS LOST IN Thoughts!!

Preeti Shenoy is one of those rare authors who can embed emotions in correct amounts and at the correct point of time and never gives a over dose of it!The next chapters and the sequence of events made me think a lot!!!I shuddered at each and every progressive/retrogressive ?!? phases of Ankita and was just wishing the book shouldn’t end tragically ! Thanks to Preeti for making it a sensible end. I was really wishing Ankita excels in her creativity by the end of it which she does. I don’t know if its fact or fiction but there are many things which make U think a lot and make U feel its all real!!!!

Waiting for more books from Preeti Shenoy

Till then all book lovers can buy this book through flipkart.com and enjoy!:)

know more abt her : http://preetishenoy.com/


  1. yeP! so did i ping U askng if u bought it :)
    do read!!

  2. Must be an enjoyable read Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.


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