Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Naive pencil sketches by me!!

Today when i was browsing through many blogs!! i realised i also used to sketch a lot. I was able to recover only the below few pictures and wondered y did i even stop sketching !?!! :-(
I promised to myself i will make a fresh start and i will be back with more works!!
Till then find some below

Doesnt look like aish but was made from aish's wall paper of Umrao jaan in which she was looking great (unlike many other movies and angles)..Oh man!! i guess i need to improve a lot :) :P but pat pat ......though she doesnt resemble aish at all she looks good ;)

A model posing (from some magazine:))


  1. Afshan,
    Welcome to the club(The club with people who USED TO sketch :) )
    The jewellery on Umaraojan was sketched with precission.Nice..
    (may be because girls like jewellery :)....just kidding )

  2. Nice :P
    watta joke :)
    it was roughly done in 5min or even less
    and no rework
    a crude drawing actlly :P
    but ya i doo loove jewellry;)!


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