Saturday, February 12, 2011

Work Vs SocialNetWork /Face Vs FaceBook

Work Vs Social Network

These days I am getting a big doubt am I working in midst of social networking or am i social networking in midst of working!!! SOCIAL networking is creeping in to my nerves , veins heart mind and soul...1 year back when i was using orkut ....I was able to cut it easily and get back to my other works , book reading or TV watching . I created a profile on Face book with my first ever profile pic of sonam kapoor from saawariya (Yes am obsessed with bful pics ;) and i don’t restrict them to just one person -----beauty is wide and seasonal)...Then I had may be 10—15 frnds and I was not that interested in chatting messaging or peeping in to their profiles..I felt it all silly but was curious why people are so addicted to it!! One fine day When I opened my orkut---I saw that there are no updates from any of my friends no new pics, no new communities or discussions or scraps. I thought heck” What happened to all.. Have they got so busy with their work..and am I the only one who has unlimited free time ! then I just casually opened my facebook page may be after an year and saw some 20 friend requests and some new messages ,FARMVILLE invites so on so forth.. That was just the beginning. I guess I immediately got hooked..Accepted all of them and started peeping in to their profiles..slowly it became a habit ..Morning, Noon and Evening and until I sleep...I thought I will slowly get out of it......But HELL NO!! I was getting more and more deeper in to it....whether its making me happy or keeping me occupied or I have nothing better to do am not sure ..but I was and am very much on FB since the D day I reopened it after the down fall of orkut..The pic which got me was that ORKUT RIP one ..Awesome creativity and awesome way to show the up rise of FB!FB is in demand no doubt in it..

It feels good safe and glad when You see “N” number of friends in your list!! And the likes comments .,.. the creativity and many more.. I haven’t tried the games yet but heard they can keep u glued to the comp..FB is definitely innovative and a better social networking site with its own pros and cons .The Korean Orkut Büyükkökten must have cursed Mark Zuckerberg the number of times he gets comments on his FB profile or likes :P ....Well The facebook Grip and Orkut Rip both happened at the same time!! But did the grip made the relations or hampered them ..its still a open question !!

People are making face book their Face, postal address .......reachable place ......They started pouring their heart mind and soul in to it ..its acting like a pensive warehouse to them. Few days back I saw a friend of mine putting her status like “ My sweet heart not well today so sad “ and 10, 15 No of comments beneath it saying ah ...get well soon to ur hubby and she again liking the comment with some heart symbol in return :: I dont understand what she is doing on FB !When she is so sad she must be attending him. The WALL was never so wide withso many statements painted on it!! People scribble anything and everything on it..THERES nothing wrong in sharing your excitement and happiness but your husband’s health status ..Your bus being late,,,,Your sleep time..... F B wall has become synonymous to a personal diary to quite a lot of people ...well every one seeks attention! But this ASS (Attention Seeking Syndrome) should not become pain in ones ASS. Emotional quotes and inspirational quotes are still Ok, but hanging personal posters and almost censored pics totally on wall is some thing too heavy to bear....Well all offence meant to those who do it !I have seen a friend having her break fast, lunch, snacks ,tea everything while simultaneously chatting on FB with all kinda strangers! Well chatting should be atleast interesting Not like X: “ what are you wearing today ? whats in lunch. Hey i kept a photo check..did u check my status today ?”

Y: have you seen my LIKES of the year pic ! do check glad p is in 1st place....

Now god knows if P has checked it or not .Y will be double glad if P likes the Likes of the year photo and sad if some unexpected Q likes the photo and pays more attention to her..Coz Q may be an obstacle when she is trying to seek P’s attention.. Well this vicious circle of friends goes on and on !with no much result no much output...the emotions expressed here are harmless but at the same time useless . well as this site is in demand coz of emotions we cant calculate uses..though there are uses like increasing your readers if u write. Spreading a good cause in mass! II get the wedding update of a friend and the invitation in a message and I check it when they are in honey moon in kulumanali !Not DONE!! FB is not a place to invite even if they think they have personally done it!...........when comments were pouring in I realised she is married! Well I had no other choice than commenting

Slowly i also joined the league.. If i get a doubt some one is married or not ..i go to their profile check their status and pics..but i neither talk nor chat with them. There are many people in my office with whom I talk only on FB. Its not that we are very busy in our day to day lives. But its just that its “FB ERA” Nothing is so comfortable . You can talk, fight criticise or praise free of the burden of seeing each other or meeting. Thats what many feel !So i too got used to it slowly. I have seen people planning a meeting on FB that too all in comments.. Lets meet at nanal nagar at 4 says some X. Go to abids by 6 .....and so on so forth .. I think are they trying to hint some one that they are going some where !:) coz i don’t understand why they can’t simply call each other and plan !!

My Likes on FB are mostly the innovative fictional jokes

· Sania and shoaib maliks wedding and the Ayesha case :: Ayesha claims she knows shoaib malik.. Reporter asks “how do u know eeach other” Ayesha: “we were neighbours” Rep :”where” Ayesha : “ on Farmville

· Some cool innovative things like once i got a Christmas wish—fb way where jesus is born and joseph keeps updating his status Jerusalem, in the farm—so on so forth

· And the funny facebook profiles of politicians ,actors/ actresses and even god is so funny !:)

I dislike FB becoz

· It hooks me to it for long

· I get up brush my teeth. Listen to songs on lappy but i cant resist my self from logging on to FB. What if some one is going some where today or some X has put one more drool worthy pic and 100+ boys have commented on it

· After noon I log in and check how many more comments she got so far or with whom he/she is going out to night .GOSH!! i feel i am knowing too much about their lives and where abouts with out even exchanging a single conversation !I hopeI don’t get a pop up like below when am facebooking

The constant updates which actually makes me feel am connected to the whole world but am Really connected to not even a whole of 10 people

Well some how this passion of facebooking , letting out emotions and booking plans on FB continues . Have to see till how many months or years this madness will continue ruling our minds...I believe this is the strongest addiction gripping the universe now which can hook people to it 24*7! REHAB centers may soon be in demand where facebook addiction is cured!!....I hope just born babies wont start facebooking and try searching their mom brothers and sisters profiles on facebook :P

I got a forward today

Alphabets in LKG

A – for apple

B—for Byte

C—For Char

D—For dotnet

E---For Email


One thing which hasn’t changed then , now and wont change in future is A for Apple !!

By the end of this post i cant resist my self from sharing this post on FB or liking it :) Keep Smiling!!!


  1. Like! In the typical Fb way! :p
    And I'd still say you are better off with your own pic on the book, rather then making it Sonam Kapoor's 'face'book! ;)

    We all have a ASS problem, but thank god I am limited to an extent! ;)

    But Facebook has it's own good, we make really goo friends through it, atleast I did that! Plus I got to see so many bday wishes today, so it's a blessing! :D

  2. we are all attached to it as the plusses over come the minusses!!
    I Also LIKE FB for the same reasons U DO!!!
    but at one point or other it feels overdose
    so this post!!

  3. There are a lot of things that put me off in fb, some girl says 'I have a cold' and some 20 comments follow..and even some I have no clue whats there to like about somebody's nasal problem. Like all things innovative, it depends on the people maybe how much they get on it or how much they let it rule their lives.
    Nice read :)

  4. haha
    liking nasal problem was funny :)
    anyway ya the same thng makes me feel lil irritated abt FB!
    atleast we need to realise
    FB is not all we have
    some times we can call and invite friends and memorise good old happenings and stay REALLY in touch
    theres nothng wrong in it :)

  5. Hey Afshan
    Liked your style of writing. Humour was intact throughout :)
    P.S: Sorry for the late comments.Just read this post :)

  6. hi kranthi
    Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  7. you said your post is not funny but i absolutely loved it. and totally agree with everything that you said. loved those images as well :D. enjoyed the read :)

  8. Thanks Debyajyoti!
    I was kinda agitated so i thot it aint that funny ! But i guess my agitation is more funny than my funny self-;)


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