Sunday, September 18, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 8". "3 Movies!!!!!

Life is beautiful : A movie I watched “N” number of times ! It's originally an Italian movie which shows the story of a Jewish Italian Guido Orefice. I don’t even know the real names of the actors. There’s our hero Guido and the leading Lady Dora who is extremely stunning and there’s a sweet kid Joshua (or that’s how its pronounced).It’s a story of happenings before and after world war II .Absolutely not an over dump of emotions but very touching and by the end of the movie you can only appreciate the valour of the man Guido. A must watch! You can see the atrocities and the horrible consequences of world war and how Dora and Guido were separated and how he tried to keep the kid always happy! It’s an "Academy award" winner movie. Most of you would have watched it.

Bolly wood Romantic movies : To me the best of all romantic movies are “Dilwale dulhania lejayenge” , “ Yes Boss” and “Dil se”. Of course most of the SRK’s movies fall in this category! “ Hum tum” and “Jab we met”can also be added to the list. I watched these movies many times just to feel dreamy again and again :P If I keep aside how realistic or reelistic they are I LOVE them. Some more movies which are very colourful and you feel like watching them whenever you are bored are “Hum dil de chuke sanam” ,“ Hum aapke hain kaun”, “Saajan”, “Dil” ,“Chandni” ,“Chaalbaaz”, “Cheenikum” and many more. The names I take will be in a very haphazard way and I love Hindi movies though few are over done. Bolly wood masala, vibrance, music, songs never fail to impress me. Bolly wood is like a Grand Gaka!!

My Sassy Girl :
A Korean Romantic Comedy. Being an Asian movie it portrays the emotions like any other Indian movie but in a subtle humorous way which relieves you. At the same time it highlights love, relations and emotions. I became a fan of Jun-Ji-Hyun the Korean actress after watching the movie. There are many other Korean movies which I want to watch but not getting time. Their movies are short sweet and heart touching! After watching the movie I practised Korean style of talking with all my friends and cousins “Bring that plate aooooo" or “ Pls pass the chipss wooooo" stretching every word;) It’s always fun: P! Even now whenever I feel like I watch this movie!

Taking just the names of 3 movies seems horrendous!!! There are many nice movies which make you feel good, make you think ,which can connect you to real life or take you away from real life for 2-3 hrs , make you feel real life is better after those 2-3 hrs , so on so forth. If I have to take some names which are near to my heart “Shaw shank Redemption” –A movie which changed my thinking process.“Forrest Gump” - I love Tom hanks. “A Cinderella man” --- Shows the “Great depression” impacts on a family and how they over come. Russel crowe at his BEST! “Pretty woman” is another favourite and many of Julia Roberts’, Jim carrey’s , Adam sandler’s movies who on the screen like a laugh and who are so damn natural

“Satyame Sivam” --- Kamal hasan / Madhavan starrer movie which always leaves me in tears and I think for long after watching it! It’s awesome. Must watch with subtitles if you don’t know the language. One of the Kamal’s best though there are many. (Its remade from some English movie Planes Trains and Automobiles) . I love some Telugu comedy flicks too which are very relaxing like Nuvvu naku nachavand “ Manmadhudu”. Shekhar kammula’s movies— without mentioning him my post will be incomplete. My only fav director in Telugu as of now .Love his major works“Anand” and “Leader”.

I love animes. Mostly Japanese Animations.”The Grave of fireflies” being my fav, Monsters Inc , Ice age and many more are interesting . Well I can’t keep on writing here as the list will never end. YES AM A BIG MOVIE BUFF!!

Last but not the least well it’s obvious I watch all
Harry potter movies .Though I prefer books to movies, movies breathe life in to characters and hone the imagination so I LOVE THEM!!!

Have fun

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