Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"10 Day You Challenge--post 9". "2 Songs!!!!!

This is the toughest of all challenges!!!Music is magical and divine. Its not exaggerating if you say it impacts your life. Few lines from a poem I wrote long back.

The moon lit sky is music to our eyes,

With music the world seems to be beautiful and nice!

The voice of our loved ones' is music to our ears!

A single word can dump all our fears!!

No one rules anyone in the kingdom of music,

All are under the charm of this magic!

Music brings all strings together!

Rocks our life with a bang forever!

Am not a musician .I didn’t learn any musical instrument but I love any kind of music which is pleasant to ears. I love Hindi filmi songs and romantic melodies and some Telugu songs too! From all those amazing songs I cannot chose two best songs. There are zillions of them which are heart touching. I love English songs, specially those which instantly connect with me and the lyrics of which are understandable. Some real soothing ones are like below .

Firstly Bazz Lurhman’s Sunscreen song which I feel is inspirational. Concentrate on lyrics!

This song is the first English song I loved a lot and understood the lyrics and learnt the songJ. Its touching

There are many love songs which sweep you off your feet , but the below two songs can make me really dreamy or emotional depending on my mood

There are many Telugu songs too! Depending on mood the choice of music/ songs differs. Now i feel like humming the below song

The list will go on! Music is the food of life :)

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  1. The first Hindi song is very nice. I used to love all those Shahrukh, Juhi, Jatin-Lalit songs back then! They had something charming and innocent about them. But sometimes, there was over action too... How I miss those days!


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