Published articles in magazines- The feel good factor!

 Got published in Views Paper at Fear Of Missing Out

Got Published in Women's Web -How To Move On Like A Boss And Take Charge Of Your Recalcitrant Heart
Got published in the ViewsPaper "Salaam to Kalam"

                                           Got published in Women's Web :) - U can read here
Being a Muslim on Social Network"

 Poem in Storizen JAN issue - 2014 ( 97th Page) -

Dedh Ishqiya - Watch it to be enchanted- A review-

Best watch of the year- Gravity - The Review-

Chennai Express Review at -
My Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Review on the views paper-

Lime Light can get acidic- Published in views paper at -

Got published in views paper-

Fukrey movie review at
The obsessive possessive celebrity love at

Participated in April A to Z challenge and got published in Woven Tale press (A- Z edition).  Click on the hyper link to read the selected posts.

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