Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Midnight musings"

What if you want something which is not in your reach?
What if you try for it day and night and end in plight!
What if having fun some times feels like a herculean task,
What if in your own company & competition you wanna bask?

Why does a friend in need feel like a friend indeed?
What do you do when a false friend is around, to be freed?!
Why do we want to always sow the love seed?
Why is it as an after math our hearts always bleed!?

Who is the one always dancing in front of your eyes?
Who is the one who says bye and makes you cry?
Who is the one who made your heart his home..
Who is the one whom you consider the love epitome?❤ 

When is the last time you did an adventure ?
When is the last time you relished every element of nature
When did you smile and talk endlessly anything and everything?
When did you lighten your heart by saying or doing something?

How do you want your life to be?
Do you want to live and settle behind the boundaries of convenience ?
Do you want to push the limits and move the rocks and the mountains?
Do you want to live the ONE life God gifted you fully?
Or do you want to live others' life and make it a folly ?

Think think think . Think when you talk, think when u see and think when you blink.
Think till you get answers to the questions dangling in front of you before reaching the brink!
Think think think . Think before it gets too  late.
Think before you blame it all on your misfortune or fate!

PS: Sleeplessness , a fb post on introverts , some Calvin and Hobbes forward & certain random thoughts gave rise to this midnight musing 


  1. I believe in one life - lived fully based on my ambition rather than competition, independent of others lives that is. What made you so deep in thoughts. Wish I could answer all your questions, but my answers would be so boring. Anyway, a thought-provoking one :)

    1. I wish to stick to the same belief too as much as I can ! Ya like I said in PS, sleepness and joblessness majorly lead to these thots. Btw I would love to hear your answers ! am sure they will be less boring than my questions :)
      and U changed ur DP and name . I was thinking a new visitor on the blog ;)
      thanks buddy !

  2. Too many questions. In fact, 21 to be exact. I hereby crown you as "Question Queen".

  3. Oh my...thats a lot of questions !!
    But as you've put it...they are just musings in the night...
    When the day begins, put aside your questions, believe in your most ultimate want in life and may it happen for you <3

    1. Ya questions at times continue in day too. At times finding answers becomes necessity :)

  4. So many questions! And so many of them I have wondered about myself. Very nice, Afshan!

  5. I don't have all the answers. What I know is that thoughts are powerful. And the key is to feel good now. Not easy but one has to consciously work towards it.

    1. Ya its a forever pursuit
      Thanks for yr time alka :)

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