Monday, October 27, 2014

"The Face Behind the Mask"

It is tough to guess the face behind the mask.
It is tough to guess all the details of its planned task.
But it eventually shows up as it rots and gets visible to all.
It digs its own grave and plans its downfall!

How I wish the hidden face had no powers over other's mind.

How I wish I had a super power to unleash the thoughts behind.
How I wish I was strong enough to tackle the evil deeds.
How I wish I never had to bend to others' needs!

How I wish I could rewrite few chapters of life.

How I wish I could use the face behind my mask just like a knife.
To think of harm and plan it meticulously with a smile on face always plastered.
To be sweet and then bite behind the back is an act which can't be easily mastered!!

It is true that straight trees and honest people are cut first.

But why do dishonest and false people stay strong even after losing the trust?
Why does it always take time to heal and to do what one must?
Why can't one be always clever enough to make their acts just!!
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It is OK for you to wear a mask in order to re-surface other's actual face.

It is OK to wile a smile to walk out of the carefully planned maze.
It is not OK to ignore the subdued thoughts which successfully destroy you.
Get rid of the multifaceted person from your heart, mind and soul if it is still due!

You and only you can decide who and what can control you.

You and only you can judge what as per you is false and true.
Before you decide and judge see that you are free of faces and prejudice.
If some one cannot be changed with love and patience then he/she is a disease!

Prevention is better than cure and if prevention is out of hands, cure should not be delayed.

Self love and self esteem are the greatest of all virtues which should never be marred.
Do not succumb to the multiple faces and become a weaker personality.
To live , adjust and to bear with the preposterous faces leads to fatality!!


  1. The poem is amazing, but I'm sorry you're in a dark mood. Hope you're okay and are feeling sunny again soon.

    1. Thanks a lot
      Your blog post did make the day sunny. I wish we get more sun in Bangalore to feel less gloomy ;)
      Thanks Dyanne

  2. Ah the things we have to do and the masks we have to wear to survive this deadly world.
    Our goodness gets used against us.

  3. We all wear masks. But sometimes it helps to have few people with whom you don't have to wear it :) Lovely poem, Afshan!

    1. Ya it is a boon to have such people even if one or two with whom u dont hav to wear a mask
      Thanks for ur time A

  4. May God protect every good person from every evil wearing angelic mask

  5. I know what you are saying ! Big hug Afshan :) and lovely poem!

  6. sometimes masks serve the purpose of defense more than strategic attack and wearing them becomes inevitable. Nice lines :)

  7. Nicely written Afshan.....sometimes self convincing is hard though :)

  8. I can quite see your frustration on reading this poem. I hope things are much better now, Afshan dear!

  9. A very poignant one...
    We all wear masks and feel equally uncomfortable and suffocated by it.


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