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Eat Cake - Review

Title : Eat Cake
Author : Jeanne Ray
Number of Pages : 272
Genre: Fiction

Prologue: Ruth,a highly passionate woman whose primary motto is to see her family happy is a magician when it comes to cake. She can just conjure them in no time. Baking a cake , eating it and feeding to all near and dear is like nirvana to her. In fact when ever she is low she will imagine that she has entered in to warm fuzzy layers of the cake which instantly soothes her. She leads a normal life baking cakes every now and then much to the irritation of her diet conscious daughter.Then one fine day her husband comes back with the news that he got fired at office which makes Ruth, Ruth's mom and also the daughter get almost a panic attack . Even though she tries to act balanced in front of her man the fact that there won't be the continuous flow of money in to the house leads to forever stress. Adding to her troubles, Ruth's dad who faced a painful accident comes to stay with them which becomes awkward as Ruth's mom and dad were separated long back!

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The characters in the book and My review: This book is like a soft warm cake, the taste of which will linger in your mouth for long. It makes every one think about their dreams - the real ones. It shows Ruth's struggle both physically and mentally when she decides to bake cakes to financially support the family. Every word in every page just holds so many natural emotions. You will feel connected to the book at so many junctures. The book will make you laugh and also feel bad once in a while. Ruth's father's character is a plethora of emotions. He can be sunny , funny and also serious! Due to his encouragement Ruth's husband thinks of taking the path he always dreams to take but never could muster enough courage. He wants to do something with ships and shipping business which scares Ruth more. This leads to the decision of baking cakes a firm one. She faces the mental dilemma of whether or not to encourage her husband. Her body language makes it clear that she is only half approving his decisions but she doesn't know how to stop him. So they drift apart a bit and become busy with their own ventures and ideas. Ruth's business becomes an instant success due to her unique cake recipes. She gets so many orders that she gets overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start! Every one is busy except her husband who wants to move away from all the business.

Ruth is not able to concentrate on her business as she feels her relationship with husband is getting damaged . The book ends very neatly when she decides to fly to Newport and meet her husband and give him assurance that she loves him! I was moved by that scene. I fell in love with many characters in the book- Ruth's daughter who is too confident and knows what she is doing, her mom who is her forever support system and even dad with whom she didn't spend much time like she did with her mother but loved him with equal intensity, the no nonsense Nurse who comes to help Ruth's father and gets amazed by Ruth's cake. She never hesitates to give honest feed back to Ruth. Ruth's perseverance, patience and passion are the three Ps I must and should cultivate in myself :) 

This is an optimistic read. We all need to escape from the daily grind and find what gives us the real nirvana. This book exactly does that. It gives you a hope that your dreams can be achieved if you really try.  This is an unput-downable book. The tone of the book is not preachy. It is tender and highly inspiring.I feel like encouraging my mom to pursue her sewing and painting interests and my hubby to pursue his secret ambition to become a cook and I also felt I should nurture my own dreams. After all we all have our secret passions which we feel are impractical!

This book is therapeutic. You need to put your self inside a Lemon bundt cake or an Apple cake with Caramel icing and savor the aroma , flavor and relish each and every bite! Yummm . The icing on the cake is all those wonderful recipes shared in the end of the book. I definitely craved for a cake once I was done with this one! Do read and let me know how you felt about it?

Loved the way Jeanne Ray writes. Planning to read one more book written by her- Julie and Romeo !

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Happy buying and happy reading :)

My rating : 4.5/ 5


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  2. Tempted to pick this book after reading your review. I love reading such feel good books. Of course,the cake is an added bonus! :)

    1. :) yep it was a big bonus. U will understand after u read
      Thanks for dropping by Aathira

  3. I have already added this in my list and infact searched for it the moment you added in goodreads.... but was not lucky enough to find this one...

    1. :) I saw that it is in your to-read list . I also got it frm some other list. Good reads is just so good !
      It is on flipkart no ?

  4. This book, rather your review, has me craving for cake! :) Looks like a pleasant read.

  5. This book had me at the title itself. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM REVIEW!

  6. The title is mouth watering. The book looks tempting too.

  7. Lovely review. Should pick it up sometime !!

    1. Thanks Jyotsna for reading it.
      Sorry for late replies!


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