Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some bful snapshots of a bful rainy evening!

beautiful evening and bful sunset

Sudden evening drizzle

Sudden sand storms which are quite frequent here

Never loved yellow so much!


Chao! Happy Weekend:)


  1. i love it when it rains. beautiful pictures, indeed

  2. Thanks Debajyoti !
    Ya am loving this summer more than anythng else right nw

  3. very nice pics, and very apt for this time of the year when all of us are looking forward to the rains. a small suggestion. since you are using blogger, you can choose the image size as large instead of medium for photoessays like these, they will help in making the pictures more prominent in the post.

  4. Hello Subhorup!

    Thanks for commenting . Ya from next time will try to show the better resolution of the pic. But actually they were taken from ph, so qlty aint tat grt but thanks for suggestion:)
    keep reading


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