Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jai ho Zuker berg ki!

Vah vah zukr berg , even titanic dwellers wouldn't hav faced such a mental confusion when she hit the ice berg! It was the moment when foes turned friends and friends turned foes and some loved each other more dreaming of life, but here U r controlling peoples lives, playing mind games ,sending each and every shit load -sorry upload as a notification, giving subscribe and un-subscribe offer and increasing the curiosity more when it comes to unsubscribed stuff, hide/ undo/like/unlike/block/unblock--- u created all the feelings here to express. 

You created A wall which can be opaque/translucent and transparent at the same time. Vah zukr vah tennnu kitti fikr saale oops saare jahaan ki.jai ho
Click on the image for better view!


  1. Funny take! I'm sure Even he himself will be laughing over this!

  2. @rohit singh : Thanks . Good to see its laughable;)

  3. Awesome :) Yeah Zuckerberg needs such titbits at the time of Facebook's IPO

  4. hahahahaha
    true bahut fikar hain zuckerburg ko is duniya ki


  5. @shadab : Thanks
    @chirag : Ya bahut fikr hai zuker ko:p


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