Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Why are we celebrating 62years of Freedom?
When most of us have to stay dumb?
I don’t feel like saying I am a sovereign republic.
I always feel we abide by the rules framed by public!!

Ages back it was British rulers who divided and ruled.
Now it is our own Indians who ruled and divided.
Ages back we had to abide by their thoughts and policies.
Now we are burdened by our peer’s thoughts and beliefs!

There is no progress in thinking process.
Be it 1930s or the 20th century days.
Then the British treated us like their slaves.
Now we are forced to think only in the dark caves!

Sad that people get united and fight back when the reason is silly,
Sad that human values and thoughts are always suppressed!
In the world where speech is thought as a crime,
the actual crime is left behind in no less time!!

No one can repair the narrow minded folks.
They live in the slime and the well like a frog.
They want rest all to join and sleep in the filthy broth.
Thoughts “WE WILL STAMP THEM” is their oath!!

If some body ask me if am in a free country?
I would like to tell ya country where there is still slavery.
We are slaves to others beliefs, rules even if they rot.
Slaves to rich, rebels and equipped people who form the stronger lot!

Assault and insult by our own people, keep aside the Britishers,
not many understand what is live and let live.
To peek in to your brain and remote control it, they always strive!
Am not celebrating the 62yrs of success progress or freedom.
Am inviting a new era of silence and to live in a dumb kingdom!!



  1. Good poem Afshan!
    Disagreeing is one thing, condemning is another! Its a matter of 'my-opinion-is-better-than-yours'! A sure symptom of insecurity.

  2. Thanks nandu for reading and commenting :)

  3. hi Afshan,
    The poem was good. Its the feeling that everyone is feeling right now
    Frankly speaking, I felt it was a complaining stuff rather than anger arousing and inviting to raise your voice kinda stuff.
    I appreciate your effort but I was expecting something that could boil the blood of the youth to the extent that could change the current face of this country's politics n nationalism.
    I know you would do this very soon as you are extremely talented and gifted girl.
    Waiting for more and All the best

  4. thanks girish!

    no yar am not here to boil any ones blood
    and change society
    i wrote abt many ppl around//keep aside politics and stuff
    if i open my mouth and try expressing some thng i will be slapped hard..keep aside changing the society
    and no one can change them
    if u try it they will fry u :)
    cheers buddy!
    keep reading:)

  5. The problem that you have pointed out is genuine but we are in an era where we can raise our voices and try to differ with what others say. All it requires is guts and encouragement...

  6. @vaudeville : Thanks a ton to read comment
    well i hav tons of guts
    but this poem is written after a recent FIASCO...where i showed my guts and I was threatened so much that i had to shut up!
    anyway from time to time i will try to pick up courage......

  7. Very good indeed. I see a mix of both nationalism and patriotism in this. Much like a mix of Lagan and Swades if you like your movies ;) Keep going!

  8. my movies ???:Pmay be u meant to say if u like those movies :)
    anyway thanks a lot. feels glad to see such a comment

  9. Brilliant write up Afshan!

    You have the thing to portray the thoughts so well..loved it. Absolutely!


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