Monday, June 7, 2010

few sutras to make life better >>>by afshan :-)

Never think U r the unhappiest person coz of a problem you r facing…watch out--->for problems in the world…!80% of the world would have been destroyed by now if they are depressed A LOT for the "type" of problems U r in

· Never give priority to a person whose priorities change! NO MATTER what ever may be the past..whatteva may be the happy times U HAVE SPENT !!May be U also played your part to gain priority..People change so U HAVE TO!

· Take care of Your dearest dreams!! Go in the direction of improvisation..improve ur hobbies…Put efforts to do things which u always dreamt too…TRUST ME!! That effort it self makes u happy not even the result! You have to do it…No TOM DICK HARRY is gonna help you out or encourage U!

· U only know what to do and how to make your life better? no one else can help U better than YOURSELF!

· Don’t get used to people and their conversations …even if they influence U greatly and u feel really good about it….coz getting used to a thing is simple and easy!! ITS tough when u try getting rid of a thing U got used to when people back out!Its better to set Limits in all relations !coz addiction (any kind)is dangerous

· Be good and be lovable with your partner parents and siblings coz they r with u for long time. They might help you out in a crisis situation…its not sure if any one else can stand for U / With U/ Pat u !

· Love makes Life and even the person look beautiful !! Biggest fact it is………Try liking a person who likes U!!but don’t expect things to happen UR WAY! They will happen whether U wish or not

· What has happened can never be reverted ! So just get used to the present situation…and try getting adapted to real scenario….and act accordingly…It will make U feel better

· LOVE shouldn’t be Loss of valuable Energy/Emotions!! Don’t spend your emotions on wrong people at wrong time !!

· Thoughts which can make u happy : you have wonderful parents who teach u preach u but love u the way no one does.

· You are successful than many others!!

· You have talents which very less people have--- (may be u can write /sing/ Dance/cook wonderfully)

· You have parents/ good friends with whom U can crib

· You have online friends…and buddies who ping u all the time even if its just Time pass

· And U can actually find such X Y Z reasons

· If ur in a bad mood there are things which can be done other than talking …like music, books..take a nap..relax…play a game…exercise…dance…sing…all THESE things subside your thoughts and will rejuvenate U!

· Little over weight doesn’t make U look ugly…Few extra pounds won’t make u physically weak or socially incompatible when in a group..!!There are many ugly problems in the world!Be proud of what u LOOK LIKE!! Don’t consult beauty and figure freaks a will make U LOOK UGLY all time (remember the baz lurhman’s song! )…

· Don’t let any one invade your good health! Health spoiled by tensions U gain are tensions only when U think about them importantly!!Reduce the thinking process

· Solitude is serene and calm many times.Dont feel so SAD and lost when U R Lonely or idle. There are many things to do..Just think…there are many pending books to read, pending plans to implement…

· If some thing has gone worst worst and the worst!! It can only get better if u Try!

· Plan the slightest desires U have and start implementing them..People may pay deaf ear or laugh at your plans saying they are meek, trying to break Your confidence…Y TO EXPRESS and lose confidence…Its better to shut your mouth and have secret mission and just stick to a smile and gain confidence

· World is not always filled with good & loving people who think about U!! Strangely people who made u very Happy can hurt U The most!! Yes U expect the best out of them…and as they r humans like U!! They can go wrong many times

· If some X is highly practical and U tend to get easily emotional….Then don’t initiate talks which bring the emotions in u and the practicality in the other out in immense amounts!! …

· Care a lot for your parents! Its not advisable to ignore them or stay indifferent to their talks just because You are frustrated!!

· Don’t cry!! IF its uncontrollable just cry when You are alone. Tears may relieve U! but its not sure that crying when you are with even close buddies may help U!!

· Last but not the least..Don’t rub your Talents/passions/interests/hobbies on others..THEY MIGHT not be interested..You can gain value as such and people interested in ur passions will appreciate without much propaganda

-------------by afshan------------


  1. hey..... this is one beautiful blog i read in recent times.....
    Very nice to read... Suddenly makes you feel all revitalized !!!

    Good choice of words.... Way to go!!! Nice one... :)

  2. apparently, your Perspective these days got directed towards lot of introspection ...huh?? :)

  3. ya!!!
    some times it has to go in those directions!
    coz SELF HELP is better than any thng else!

  4. Wow this blog is too gud yar.........

  5. Cant comment on what I am thinking after reading this.
    U have written it so truly!


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