Saturday, January 2, 2010

HAPPY nu YEAR twenty-----ten :)

This time newyear was pretty Good...reminded me of school days after long ...i celebrated with neighbors (all who r from our phase) of apartment....At first i felt it would be DAMN boring but some how i thoroughly enjoyed all the moments....I had my family and few new and old friends whom i made here....We all gathered at about 8O'clock at the camp fire...
which was whoaaaa so warm and i felt good:).....the temperature neared 10 so camp fire relieved me....we danced around the camp fire for all Old and new numbers..both telugu and hindi....soon even elders joined..
IT was real fun when hesitant papa was moving slowly as if its ringa ringa roses...:) hahha....after camp fire there were games for children ...Running race...and fashion show for them...Games for couples..which was funny!fashion show for youngsters...we had dinner which is not delicious...but we were not much bothered about the fun was more important there......

The game i liked most is ...every ones smiles were measured and people with Broadest smiles were awarded THE WIDEST smile ! award :) mine was 4cms but many had a 4.5 smile.Moon on top of the apt looked gorgeous and fabulous the last moon for 2009:) dramatically was more bright

DJ's songs were fundoo..............which had even the latest hottest RINGA RINGA(telugu song) too...People danced wild and mad being not so hesitant about their age gender and size :)

This is the opportunity to dump stress a REAL platform where no one judges U!! IT was 11:50 when count down started and finally it was 12:00 whoaaaaaa 01/01/2010..................NEWYEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr we shouted so loud --->HAPPY NEWYEAR that i got a sore throat and no regrets on it!!:)

soon there were crackers exploding ...after fireworks we had a Cake cutting.....ceremony (Cant be avoided...a newyr ritual)///i personlly dont like having cake AFTER midnight during newyears and birth day parties! but U CANT AVOID .................. after hugging and wishing each and every one in hydi style i should say WE DEPARTED!! THE MUSIC from DJ Was so loud our windows were shaking..........i feared window panes may break.............Fun continued till after 1Oclock....... I slept off after answering 2 3 ph calls I felt good happy and rejuvenated as this kind of celeb was after long long long time....may be after my school days!! i was not so enthu about it but gradually felt GOOD I DINT MISS IT!! so friends a very HAPPY NEWYEAR TO U ALL!! HAV A BLESSED 2010 ahead keep smiling:)


  1. Hi Afshi, is that you writing this blog, is this the same afshi I know, still can't believe it.You are writing so well, how come ur hiding this blog from us so many days.Still can't believe its ur blog, have to call u and confirm it.

  2. didi Ofcourse its me!!
    we jsut got lost in time
    and couldnt SHARE things:)
    but trust me its me......:)

  3. Hi afshan... "the moon on top of the apt" photograph is very very good and so is your post. Wish you a very happy new year :-)

  4. thnk u!!
    A VERY HAPPY NEW YR TO U..............

  5. Nice blog... had a nice time reading some of your posts. The post on YSR was awesome...well researched. Keep up the spirits.

  6. thnks Abu!
    if thts wat U R called BY folks around u :)


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