Sunday, October 26, 2008

winter is here!!:).............. HAPPY diwali

The sudden chill feel and the cool breeze,

Winter started with a drizzle across the reeds!!

The day ends fast.. some times at Five,

I dialy get a glimpse of starry night in the long—Busdrive!!

Time to switch off the A.C.’s and turn on the heaters,

Time to wear jerkins socks and sweaters!

Beautiful are the water droplets on the leaf tip,

Wonderful is the early morning hot tea Sip!!

Mornings with fog are in a haze,

The day starts off in a laze!

Saved are we from the hot sun’s blaze,

No mood to work, just wanna Gaze!!

Nothing dominates the drowsy feel,

Yawn to control and to just reel!

Its warm and cozy under the rug covers,

Starting the day needs lotta powers!!:)

As the lazy days get dragged and even the freezy nights,

To brighten up came the festival of lights!

The sound of fireworks is the sound of joy,

Stars and "THE MOON" gave a try!

Failed to shower equal beauty in the illuminated SKY!

Galaxies in a rage and moon let a sigh ;-(

"DIWALI "we celebrate it with spirits so HIGH!!! :-):-)

------------HAPPY DIWALI---------

---by Afshan------


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  2. Happy Diwali Afshan!! :)

    And here is yet another piece of art from you!!! :) :)
    Thats really different nd beautiful way of describing the winter knocking doors and wishes of Diwali!!!
    Liked that!! :)


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