Thursday, July 10, 2008

"The F!RsT dAy"

The first day at hostel on the first day of Engineering,

If only I could see a known person..I started peering

Caught the vague smile of a new girl who was equally anxious,

The thought of leaving home making me obnoxious!!

Rounded the college once trying to recognise any known faces,

College greenery won my heart, and even the garden of hybrid roses!

The first sight of F.E.D. or Fresh Man Engg Department,

Filled high spirits in me and even caused resentment!

LIKE JACK OF ALL TRADES learnt many new things

Half day classes with phy,chem and engineering drawings!

The first Engg Graphics class with drafters on shoulders!

As if ready to battle with swords in holders!

Reading Novels, magazines and gossiping,

Lunch breaks Evening chats and mass-bunking!

Sitting in the last benches and doing lecturer’s mime,

Got used to One night stand when comes the exams time!!

Farewell parties, Slam books first day turned to last day so soon,

Felt only at the final departure that College is also a boon!

The first day as a professional started,

Never ending story and we will never get parted!!!:-)
--------By Afshan--------------------


  1. ahaa...this is a nice poem dear...
    I m feeling like its abt me!!! Nostalgia!!! :) :(

    Well, I was kind of expecting frm u abt this painting habit too...donno why!!
    Have u shared them somewhere on net!!! I wud ;love to see ur sketches...if at all u like to share.. :)

    My sunsign is Taurus (23rd April)... :)

  2. u dont need to scan....just take pic from any digicam/cam-phone...thats it :P anyways...

    wow April :)...5 days....not much really...

    this poem is really good yar....i mean it...full of fun yet heart touching....

    I guess this comment section is becoming more of like chat thread.... :P

  3. I can understand....but dnt give up painting/sketching just like that... not all ppl can do that.... :)
    I also cant make them by my imagination...m not that good init!! :P

    Yeah sure...u can have a look on them... but u may not like'em all....

    they r on my "orkut" albums.... if u have account there...u can visit...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Its a real good piece Afshan.

    U described the whole Senario of entering at first place and then leaving :) :)
    Simple yet fantastic!

  6. Thank you Afshan..
    yeah its Sundus...erm....its simple to pronounce...sundUs...thats it :) :)
    Yeah...i'll also go thru urz!
    u sure have written in great quantity...!
    But i sure will try to read em all.


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