Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Road of LifE:)

Some times Road is smooth Some times with Friction!
Some times Life is Real some times with Fiction!!
Road has many milestones to cross...
Life has many Phases to PAss!!
Road shows us mirages at times!
Life shows us Dreams And Dimes!

Road ends with Destination....

Life ends with Re-incarnation!!!!!!
--------By Afshan--------------------


  1. Thats how beauty dissolves in the words... it can never be done if we think mechanically....:)
    Keep posting buddy... :):)

    Reg. ur so called "Idiotic" query :P...
    Its not wat u think dear, ur query is genuine...!!

    When u login ur blog, on top right corner of screen, u will see "Customize", hit it and u'll be on edit section...
    The on top left corner, u can see a tab named "Fonts and Colors"... hit it and here u go... play with colors & fonts as per ur taste... :)

    For adding pics, u need to add the URL of the pic in the post... as far as i know, it cant be directly uploaded frm comp.
    For that use picasa photo sharing site...and use URLs from there...
    Picasa is totally personal, so u can add pics there for any such use!!!

    I hope thats all what u wanted to know!!!
    Have a nice time :)

    ~Mohit :)


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