Thursday, April 3, 2008


Whenever LIFE brings me near to you!

I can always see my Dreams come true!

The journey of heart is filled with fragrance,

The heart jumps with joy and my soul wants to Dance!!

Your voice makes the time fly so soon!

The earth seems to be better than the skies and the Moon!!

Thy memories make me glad and also sad!

These blend of feelings even make me Mad!!

Thy memories wake me up in the mid of the night,

There’s no one to share all this Plight!!

Every moment now the same thought troubles me!

Is all this temporary the LOVE, Joy and the glee?

With this fear in my heart I ran far from you in to a void!

What all I was left with was Me a more Paranoid!

With these rippling thoughts in my mind one day my fear Overpowered!

The fragrance melt and the blossom withered!!

“Oh Dear Life! Is this the final destination?”

Why should every relation end in Separation?

Love is Godly Love is holy!

Love is Insane Love is folly!!

Love is triumph Love is jolly!

Love is disaster Love is silly!!

Can anyone crack the mysterious puzzle of love?

There’s a saying “You reap what you sow!”

Love is an exception You sow and it doesn’t Last!!

Why should my words always refer to the past?

“Your voice once MADE the time fly so soon!

The earth SEEMED to be better than the skies and the Moon!!”

--------By Afshan--------------------

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