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Hello all,

This is Afshan. The meaning of my name is "bright" or "radiant" :). By profession I am a software Engineer and work on bright computers which can dim the mind's light. My laptop is a magical boon to me which gives a chance to store all my thoughts. It is my "Pensieve" . I always weave my thoughts to generate radiance and make my world and sometimes others' world brighter and with my words I try to make my load lighter. Thoughts when become frizzy, I always pen them down! They are thoughtful, sensitive, hazy, easy and at times crazy. If you can relate to it my pleasure. If you want to share a varying opinion you are welcome.

Writing is something which gives me the feeling of living life to the fullest. I can be myself only when I write.  Writing rejuvenates me and gives me the strength to voice my good and bad thoughts and views. I mostly write poems, short stories, general articles based on current affairs , movie reviews and anything under the sky which makes me think. To know more on why I write you can read my poem- "I Write" . My blog is my true friend. I can talk to my self here and ya one fine day or night I am hoping to finish my novel. The very thought gives me goosebumps and fills my heart with overjoy and stress as writing a book is a herculean task. Till then and even after that I have some thing which will be my honest companion for ever - My Blog :)

A hearty welcome to my blog. Hope you have a good time when you are here!

A quote by me :" Thank heavens as Time and Tide wait for none. If at all there was a wait we would never be able to realize the beauty of memories!"
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  1. Nice to find your blog! Hope you get your novel finished soon :-)

  2. thanks for the link over here....great blog!

  3. Being mean person its hard to compliment someone who shares the same interest and dream. But again who can resist when love what they read. "Lovely blog", keep writing

    With you knowing your words so well, i am sure soon ill be looking at your book in new arrivals rack of "Blossom" MG, Road

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  6. beautiful thoughts....
    best of luck from - Best of Luck from Winsant

  7. I am glad to know you! I feel much the same about writing. Like using a "pensieve," writing gives me a way to spill my thoughts onto the page and examine them in new ways. I don't think I'd ever be able to live my life to the fullest if I didn't write. And if there's a chance my writing can entertain or enlighten others, that's a wonderful bonus.

  8. So nice to know you! And keep blogging, penning, entertaining, and enlightening us with your thoughts! The world is good with thinkers and carers!


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