Friday, February 12, 2016

"The Topsy-Turvy Honesty"

We were always told and taught that, honesty is the best policy
Our actions were controlled by this guideline, till we realised it's a fallacy!
Childhood was easy with a heart as clear as water.
As the years get added up, the emotions get complex and we falter!

The feelings we had as kids were either black or white
We had only two answers "Yes or No" and always felt al right
As we grew, the airtight heart started battling and lost the vigour
Not every thing was white or black for us as the visionaries got greyer!

Requesting a simple thing we needed was a piece of cake then
Asking for a favour now takes all our energy and all our might
All our colourful dreams then, always took shape in a happy flight
Growing up meant practicality and made us calculate our delight!

Being inquisitive was an achievement in the past
As we grew, we realised it is an asset to run the race and be fast
Whatever we ask or don't ask, was always provided to us
Being dependable now is an act which is considered as a big minus!

It is a common phrase to say, "Honestly I think!"
We all say it nonchalantly with out even a blink.
But do we always mean every thing we say with or without a thought?
We forget most of the words spoken or heard by us which in the long run rot!

Yes, we are hearing it from ages that honesty is the best policy.
But indulging in honesty sometimes makes everything topsy turvy!
Everyone loves your honesty until you are honest about others with them
Your practice falls flat, when you are honest with them about them !! :)

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  1. Thought-provoking Afshan on how honest we are with the self. It strikes a chord and one can't remain passive reading this gem:)

    1. Thanks a lot vishal
      Just my random ramblings :) u r kind enough to call it a gem but this is some thing like self learning for me..

  2. I agree. It is also true as to how much truth we want to hear about ourselves too...or the others perception of it.

  3. I agree. It is also true as to how much truth we want to hear about ourselves too...or the others perception of it.

    1. Ya Janaki , it is two way and extremely tough to be at the receiving end... :)

  4. Good one Afshan. "Honesty" , honestly is not honest any more. Requires introspection on how the degree of honestly keeps varying according to our needs.

  5. Stunning, Fantastic its looks so astounding. Much obliged to you for sharing this article and keep doing awesome.Pangot


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