Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random Conversations with the Smartest Kids

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After a long satisfying walk with i-Pod still plugged in my ears I walked to the elevator of my apartment where two smart and cutesy kids were waiting for the elevator. The little girl totally scanned me , my face, my hair , I – Pod, sweat and everything and the little boy was lost in his world of Narnia. I felt, the girl spoke something to me after her scan. I stopped the music, removed the ear plugs and looked directly at her.
Me: “R u talking to me?”
Girl: “Yes . Ofcourse. From looooong and U r like humming loudly and dancing, unaware of it.”
I smiled mischievously at the lil drama queen and replied ;) : “Was I ? Ok. Tell me? What is it ?”
Girl : “ Which floor do You stay?”
Me: “6th and U ?”
Girl : “2nd. So how many rounds do You run / walk on an avg?”
Me: “ 8-9. If I feel like I do more than 10.”
She smiled appreciatively and I felt proud by the genuine glow in her eyes.
I asked, “ Which class are you in? Are you coming back from tuition? ”
She replied, “I am in 4th . He is in 2nd, pointing at the boy still in Narnia . I am in Oakridge , he is in Glendale (Or some such name she took). No tuition. Just a chit chat!”
I smiled appreciatively this time as I was super impressed by her sing-song English! :D
Me: “Cool . Is that your school project?” I asked pointing at the bottle with leaves which she was carefully holding.
She thought for a second and again replied in rhythm , “ Yeahh . Actually I am making a project out of waste materials, waste means not waste as such, we collect leaves , colorful papers and put them in bottles, put some lights in them, decorate them a bit more and we just hang them.”
I replied, “Wow . That’s awesome.”
She was quite happy and enthusiastically added, “We assemble to do the same every day.”
I replied, “Great.”
The boy returned from Narnia and shouted loud in a giggly tone, “It is not her school project.”
The lift arrived and we got in.
She promptly hit his head gently with the bottle she was holding and said, “ Dumbo, you think U know everything . You are in Glendale. I am in Oakridge. How do you know about my school stuff ? If you gonna say something , you gonna make some sense!”
I was looking clearly bemused at her!
Then she faced me and said, “He is a bit of cock - a – doodle – do . if U say some thing to him he is gonna say to entirrrrrrrre world , hence I kept the secret from him. As you asked, I just had to say.”
*I mentally noted the word , to check for the meaning after I reach home*
“Cock- a – doodle – do: The loud crow of a cock. (used as a conventionalized expression to suggest the crowing of a rooster, as in stories for children.)”
Me quite unsure of how to react, said , “Err. I am sorry.”
She: “That’s al right. No problem.”
Then out of the blue she said loudly, “I Just love your shirt (some old black tee) and that shrug. I have a similar one. Not a shrug but a dress!”
“Oh. Thanks!” I smiled broad at her. Finally we reached her floor. She was getting out. I just wanted to hug and kiss her but instead said, “ALL THE BEST for your project!”

She said an official Thank You and I felt like I am talking to a colleague :-o ! They both waved bye energetically to me. That moment I felt like be-friending her and equipping my vocab skills. I felt, I can learn better English by talking to her everyday rather than talking to many of my age or folks elder to me at office!
PS: This was a FB note written by me after a recent incident in my apartment. I later felt, I should preserve this in my blog too :)


  1. What a breezy and lovely converso. Kids are too smart these days and can anyone beat them?

    1. yep. They most of the times make us speechless :)
      thanks for reading

    2. Kids are so smart nowadays. We were visiting a relative's home. They have an 8 year old boy who is an expert in xbox games. He asked me to play with him. I said I don't know how to play. He said he will teach me. He taught me for 20 minutes. Then, we started to play. I defeated him in 10 seconds. He said "let us play a few more games". I asked him if he is not disappointed that I (a person just learned how to play) beat him (an expert). He said "I let you win the first game. Then only you will play more games with me".

    3. Hi SG. hahha quite a hilarious scene. Sometimes am totally zapped as I fall short of answers :) Kids truly are the smartest


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