Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"The Proposal" - My wedding poem

He came like a stranger with no preset mind to meet me.
But I sat with too many bothering thoughts, which I felt he could see!
I wished for the "official" aura to disintegrate so that I could act minus the decree.
I some how felt he was experiencing the same confusion and it made me glee!

The initial shyness vanished when he smiled broad.
I shuddered thinking , “What to speak next?? Oh LORD!”
I silently conveyed thanks to someone who interrupted,
for whatever I spoke sounded silly and disrupted!

Minutes passed to hours and I found my-self relaxed.

I was naturally conversing, the way I do with only few and no one coaxed!
I found myself chatting, questioning and then elaborately replying.
The ambience seemed joyful and without any reason I was smiling!

I didn't know if it was a new bond in making.
I wasn't even sure if I was real or if I was faking!
Only thing I was sure was there was some vibe.
His presence was pleasant and there wasn't any kind of jibe!

He hinted a question with his eyes and I said "YES".

Instantly I started dreaming about me in the wedding dress!
I started getting panicky about my life and hoped that God will bless.
When he gave an assuring nod, though the fears didn't disappear they became less!

I had butterflies in stomach when I realized that marriage was on cards.
There were no poems recited or songs sung by the bards!
There was no sparkle in the sky and there were no stars falling down.
There were only smiles as there was no time to frown!!

It is always special just he and me.
I feel like a queen wearing tiara and he looks like the king with a crown! :)

Mine was an arranged marriage and there were no flashy proposals or cinematic stories but whether it is an arranged or a love marriage , love does make the ride worth while. Love helps to ignore the negatives and highlight the positives. Love makes one bloom in others' color and marriage just glorifies the color. It does feel tricky in an arranged marriage when you choose some one based on some criteria (not that it is too different in a love marriage as you have some criteria there too) , but at times your heart does whisper that "he / she is the one," and I think one should understand the subtle hints of the heart :)

Image source : here

 I want to end this post by sharing the below filmy video which we made explaining each other briefly as part of our wedding invite :) 
                                           Link for the video in case you can't see - U and me


  1. Love does have a way of making most everything a okay!

  2. Arranged marriages are also love marriages because Love is a common factor.
    All The best.

  3. This was so cute. I could imagine it all. And the video !! hehe cute!

  4. The video is so cute!!!!! And, I loved the poem too!!

  5. Beautiful emotions. Loved and can relate to every word and feeling. It was the same when I said Yes to my guy.

  6. Beautiful emotions. Loved and can relate to every word and feeling. It was the same when I said Yes to my guy.

  7. Well Written .. Beautiful Words :) Keep writing .

    Amit lamba

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