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Dawn of The Planet of the Apes- A memorable watch

Directed By: Matt Reeves.
Starring: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell

I did not watch rise of the planet of the apes and didn’t know even a teensy weensy bit about the movie before going to watch Dawn of the planet of the apes. Obviously I went to watch it reluctantly and was pleasantly surprised as I immensely loved the movie. Those who watched would know the history of the apes and the story line. In the first part –  Rise of the planet of the apes which was released in 2011, few scientists conduct experiments on the apes which results in a huge genetic transformation leading to a tribe of apes who are as brilliant as humans and can even speak in the human language. However there were many side effects of this experiment like the spread of simian flu, destruction of cities and destruction of human race. Many die in the after math and the apes flee to a secured place in the forest and make it their home. Dawn of the planet of the apes shows their life and ways and how horrible the situation gets when humans try to avoid the extinction of their own race and take the help of apes, who happily are living away from the ravaging San Francisco hoping against the hope that all the humans would have been dead by now!
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Story line and the performances:   It is the story of survival of the fittest, a story of good vs. bad, a story of hope, war, belief, revenge, thirst for power and much more. I am totally bowled by the seamless story of Dawn of the planet of the apes. The plot doesn’t have any major loop holes. As the movie picks up the pace you will start biting your fingers due to severe consequences. The human Jason Clarke seeks help from the leader of the apes- Caesar played by Andy Serkis who has a soft corner for humans as he is raised by one. Toby Kebbell stole the show as Koba- the ape who keeps provoking everyone to fight against humans as he is confident that humans are extremely selfish and will not think twice before destroying anyone who comes in their way.

Jason Clarke plays the role of architect Malcolm who approaches Caesar and pleads to allow him in forest so that he can restore the hydroelectric project for power, which is their last hope to restore life. Keri Russell plays his companion and Gary old man is the leader of the survivors. He did not have a big role but he did what he has to. He is more or less like Koba for the humans. The best part of the movie is that it will grab your attention because of its brilliant plot and not by its 3D or CGI effects. Needless to say the 3D effects were neat and made the movie livelier. The ape saga will make you think deep. I researched a lot and realised the movie originated from Pierre Boulle's Swiftian’s 1963 novel La Plan├Ęte des singes.
What happens after Jason visits forest? Which incident gives rise to the bizarre strife between humans and apes? Who wins the war? To know all this, you should go to theatre and must watch it in 3D. Apes holding spears and shooting rifles, apes who talk and understand English and who communicate with each other in simian sign language was all mind boggling! You get all kinds of apes just like you get all kind of humans. Blue eyes is a sensitive but rebellious son of Caesar, Ash, his cousin worships Caesar, Koba wants people to follow him, Maurice loves reading and teaches all the apes the alphabets , mostly the sentence , “Ape not kill ape.”  You have good apes and bad apes just like you have good humans and bad ones. The movie is enchanting to say the least. It is an unforgettable watch. I am amazed by how real it all felt. Only difference is that apes are replaced by humans in reality!  I declare the movie as must watch. Right now it is the top movie at the nation’s box offices with $73 million in ticket sales.

Some memorable dialogues from the movie:

  •        Caesar: “I thought apes better than humans but I realise how same we all are." 
  •           Apes do not want war.
  •           Caesar loves humans more than apes – Koba
  •           Koba: Apes not kill apes . Caesar: You are no ape.
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  1. I like this movie. But I like more the 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston. His golden voice is very famous - Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, etc. One small anecdote. A guy hijacked a plane at the Los Angeles International Airport. He was holding several passengers as hostage. Negotiators worked with him for several hours. Finally he decided to give up and surrender. But on one condition. He wanted Charlton Heston to read on the air his message to the world. Mr. Heston came to the airport and read the hijacker's message on air. The situation ended peacefully.

    1. That is an interesting anecdote which I nevre heard of. Thanks for sharing S G ! good that Mr. Heston could save lives. I never saw the 1968 movie. I only heard about Ben hur and caught a glimpse of ten ccommandments so don't know him !
      I loved watching the second part


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