Thursday, January 10, 2013

'"The Abode of Love"- 'My entry for the Get Published contest'

Love comes in all forms , shapes and sizes but the love showered by a person when you cant even spell "LOVE" or feel it cannot be compared with any form of love in the world. A mother gives birth to a kid and some invisible strings draw the baby towards her and it finds instant comfort and relief in her lap. A baby cries as and when it steps outside the mothers womb but identifies her and finds solace. She meets all odds to give the best to him.She works like a robot which is given 100 commands in stretch but still has energy and time to allot for each and every person near and dear to her. She sacrifices her needs, desires just to satisfy the same near and dear's wishes. In the "To-do" memos she jots down the list of things are like below.
1.) What does the kid want that month?
2.)Her man's shirt is pressed or not.
3.)To offer prayers for her family's well being.

She keeps cross checking the list  to track  if she did what all she wants to fulfill her loved one's wishes. 
It is told ."You cannot find God every where hence mothers are made."
To a child's ear, "mother" is magic in any language.- Arlene Benedict, For Mother with Love.

Can't agree more. Mother is the abode of love who teaches her kids how to love. We may not be able to return her love in the same amount or in the same way. The least we can do is to try and understand her. After all she understands us effortlessly!A mother can be your bestest girl friend with whom you can share "almost all"  thoughts , secrets , envies , ambitions , intentions (good/bad) and every thing under the sky. 

Reha's mom is away from her.  Reha is neither staying in a college hostel nor holidaying with friends. She recently got married to a man of her dreams and had to go far from home. Far here means very far. She left for USA as her husband is working there. 
This is the story of a mom and daughter and how a daughter feels once she gets married and starts living with her husband. In no time she realizes how much she is missing her mother. She realizes how important her mother's role was in her life and how she still is dependent on her for every small thing. She can't imagine a day in her absence. The story reflects the newly wed days of a girl and her bond with her mom which grows stronger every day! 

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  6. Indeed no one can predict the intense love between a mother and her child especially for a daughter :)
    loved it and voted
    here is mine, plz caste ur valuable feedback and vote :

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  9. I have voted for u!


  10. Hi Afshan,

    Indeed, a mother's love is indeed unequal to any other form of love.
    This one is on a completely new track, apart from the usual love stories.

    My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

    P.S. Do check out & vote for my entry for Get Published.


    My Blog | My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

  11. @Jay Singh : yep this love is the Love which teaches us HOW TO LOVE!!
    yet again thanks a bunch for reading it fully!

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