Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Era of Online Plethora"

You Join a forum for some time pass , fun , some productive discussion , to know thoughts of people from new horizons, news , jokes , movie reviews , some interactions you wanna get involved in , some discussions totally uncalled for where you would wanna act just a silent spectator / ignore , last but not the least some new friend (!??) FRANNDSHIP (bahhh)! I absolutely loathe these unknown online friendships/Frandships which as of now are like blind hunts in a wild jungle and then a "Franchise" to grade / bash u / ridicule U!!!! In the beginning its all exciting till the newness or freshness wears off. Some one knows you in college alumni or in some forum or in some blog or through some xyz contacts and adds U! And U DONT mind coz after all theres no harm. Its all so simple, silly ,easy. You can talk talk talk ..but what ?!? What are U gonna talk !! At some point doesn’t it get saturated and most of them add by looking at your DP/ your name/ may be at times in most despo conditions just the gender(this applies to both girls/boys . Am not being gender biased)
I can bet my life on this that If I put an unknown girls hot pic i will get 20 frnd requests that day ! Sharing a news on a forum or discussing a issue once in a while is ok but having personal tiffs / arguments and grading each other’s nature or giving personal threats is a crime which has no law to punish ! Have any of You given a thought of all the #of friends you have on facebook/ any other social network and with how many You actually talk and how many you actually know / personally interacted and can call them as your friend!!...People strangely feel happy about their no. Of friends . I have seen some putting it as status message too . Today i have got 1000 friends yippee and they all know me or I know them all . The latter half is hard to believe. Well even if he knows them. Yes he knows them. He is as good as a celebrity ..but they being labelled as friends is what surprises me!With this relation people take so much liberty that I seriously feel that with so many laws these days (even there is section 377 for gays )I hope a law for even FB crimes are framed where a friend when harassed can report the same at court rather than on FB. Ya there is report/ Block option on FB. But I hope there is some legal action as well in loop with this . We must have heard of Cyber Crimes but about these mental harassments which start in the name of frand-ships and are all of a sudden are energy draining should also be punished!! I am saying this coz there are many sick people around who are playing safe in a hoodwink along with good people and most of the times in these online relations its very hard to predict whos who and whos what !? It is tough ! Its always good to improve networking but when you come across these troubled heads you feel “ bhaad me jaaye networking” .
Opinions differ. Still people try hard to say ,am right U r Wrong !!!
Am happy U R not!!!
Am self satisfied .You are not!!!
All have brains. Intelligence is some thing which is like tax free these days and everybody is earning it easily . Not all have a big heart to hold others opinions as well and be empathetic! They fight till their last breathe to prove their point and they want to go to any level to prove their point. Even if I say I don’t wanna get dragged some try hard to make us lose temper and break the attitude and moreover challenge saying it feels good to break strong attitudes. Well its high time to end it then and there and we end it!
I thought how can some one who was utterly sweet in the beginning suddenly start this personal judgement!! Or with this label of witty prankster how can one fool around all the time I MEAN c’mon WE NEVER MET!! We are not school friends neither work place friends. We just interacted on some writer’s / bloggers forum!!! To cut jokes and have a fun filled atmosphere is good ! its lively in a mundane office atmosphere but it surprises me when people easily cross the barricades which they shouldn’t and ask all kind of personal questions. Once/ twice its bearable! We can forgive and forget thinking “OK as we spoke for longer may be he/she got carried away and this que popped up in his empty cauldron like brain where nothing is brewing as of now!” but always and all-ways. NO ITS NOT DONE!!!!
Even if you are jobless there are countless things to keep yourself occupied! “IDLE MANS BRAIN IS DEVILS WORKSHOP” Someone told it very aptly . Here i see many vampires ready to suck the blood out of the normal folklore!but today I want to tell only TROUBLED people want to create trouble to others
Just an example below to show how much people poke their nose around!
Good news episode
Theres some one who is always surprised if i look extra fair/ bright/ happy who usually interacts with me only online once in a blue moon.Suddenly out of the blue the stranger is at my desk . I politely give a welcome smile
XYZ: Hey Afshan. What yaar any news
Me a bit surprised : No y?
XYZ: You looking so bright. So!!
Me: [SO what SO!? ]No nothing! Thanks anyway. [I don’t know how to acknowledge such appraisals as they are always appended with she-has-some-news-for-sure kind of a doubt]
XYZ: No tell us na!! I guess you are hiding something? with a wicked glint in the eyes
Me: What ? Nothing to hide! There is no good news.[What will i hide!?!Am neither eloping with any boy friend nor going on some other secret mission. What should i cook up and tell K]
XYZ: Looking at your face I thought You have at least something to tell .Thought you got the prospective groom
Me: Now people!! I SERIOUSLY wanna go and bash the one who coined this “IGNORANCE IS BLISS”.If the one who is asking me all these questions with that forever bliss on the face is ignorant then man ignorance might be bliss to the one adorned by it but THE BLISS IS PAIN IN ASS TO THE ONE WHO IS questioned
Some people just can’t digest others happiness irrespective of major events in life! According to their scale if happiness is measured from 1 to 10
It goes like below
Ø 1 for singles
Ø 4.5 for committed people
Ø 6 for committed people who go on continous dates and get too many gifts
Ø 8 for married couples
Ø 10 to pregnant moms and the respective dads or who just delivered and made the family complete.
According to them others who fall in 1 or 2 just cant be happy or look bright or beautiful. They cant climb the happiness ladder. They try hard to break the rungs of the ladder so that you fall down.I may sound caustic but credit goes to the 10 pointers who bombarded the peculiar questions many times. I mean if they are really so happy so satisfied by their lives and so beautiful/ handsome and smart y this nose poking!
Lastly my advise to ESPECIALLY girls over there who are sensitive
1.) Do not trust some one blindly only coz of the “ONLINE” face and the impressive pings /mails after an interaction over a forum
2.) Even if you talk and want to improve your network limit it to 2-3 min formal talk. REMEMBER NEVER BEYOND THAT
3.) It’s good to be pessimistic at times. Not all can be good
4.) People who add You by your foto or some silly odd convo .A BIG NO NO...STAY AWAY...just coz he is sweet don’t be under impression he will stay sweet
5.) If you are witty most of them are not going to resist it . Y GIVE A CHANCE TO SOME BUGGER to try hard to break it
6.) If someone shows a over dose of smartness and is trying to win over you in person ,well not a good sign!!
7.) Any social network addiction is horrendous. Forums are good once in a while but lot of interaction is useless/worthless/mindless/baseless
8.) DONT LET any TOM DICK HARRY judge you girls. You deserve all the self esteem. This is even for boys....but GIRLS pls watch out . Be extra careful . (am adding this as recently i heard 2-3 cases where girls had to delete or deactivate their profiles due to a serious satyriasis case or nymphomaniacs)
9.) If you have talent you have it .If u don’t want to talk to someone you don’t want to U DONT have to!U HAV FULL RIGHTS TO DECIDE ABOUT YOU . DONT fall in the TRAP of some moron who says things to U as if he knows U. Don’t be so excited that you came across a doppelganger or an alter ego in a forum! If you feel there are negative vibes no need to still let him/her get on your nerves
10.) Family / Books / close friends / Television / movie are better recreations. Try to be away from being online as much as possible (This is much to myself but others can follow if they feel it good and chuck it if u feel it’s like preaching)
Grouches pull u down!! But i feel some people who always wear that fake smile and over project their happiness and keep nudging others doubting their happiness are sicker and can pull you more down. So people please watch out!!
To describe some people there are no better words in dictionary or any language
So Thank god
He gave us Middle finger!!!


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