Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Unconditional Love ♥-- ♥ ♥ ♥


Tonight I was dreamy and lost my sleep
The chiselled body and the voice so deep
My heart missed a beat and it did leap
New seeds of love being sowed somewhere to reap

The sharp looks and the wink teasing me,
The skin so smooth like a pearl in the sea!
A single sight of him makes me glee,
                                                                      Will you stay for some more time I want to plea!!

Day to day work keeps me busy,
Food is not great and the boss is lousy!
Afternoons when I feel drowsy,
It’s all because of him till evening it feels rosy!

The day has finally come,
He looks more trendy and more handsome!
It feels like he traveled from Rome to home,
                                                                 He looks like the God sitting on throne,
                                                                    All folks want to be with him all alone !!

Guess what ? He is now dancing on my finger tips
He makes me dance when melodiously he sings
Whenever i feel him near the immense happiness he brings
I feel proud to have him and my neighbor she feels the stings !

Am with him all the day and whole night,
I want to sleep with him holding him tight!
Unconditionally and absolutely I love You so much
My dear dear New Ipod Touch!
PS: All these snap shots U see here are the very first pics taken from my Ipod!


  1. wow... got new ipod??? great!!!!

    The crystal clear sound of an ipod is just outstandingly amazing.And the videos too. Superb.

    enjoy...... :-)

    P.S: Try ipod with sennheiser earphones/headphones sometime.WOW is the word. :-)

  2. Thanks Kranthi!!
    when it was atttached to speakers it was more awesomifying :)
    will try with whatever earphs u told


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