Sunday, April 18, 2010

happy bday TO ME!

Its my bday today!!

On the eve of my bday
a special SMS which i liked!!

Girls always Smell Good even if its just shampoo;)
D way dey sleep on guy's shoulders .
D ease with which they fit in to arms!
D way they kiss and evry thing in world seems right :)
somehow they r always warm even when it is 4 2degree centigrade outside
D way they say i MISS U!!

the way they fall in to arms when they cry
the way their tears make u want 2 change the world so that it doesnt hurt them!!
COZ once they come in to ur life what ever they are to world they become every thng to U!!!



  1. Have you ever had "belated wishes" ? if u had, whats the most most belated one?

    No doubt ..this is the one:


  2. well said. . very realistic sms quote. . that's painfully true. . .

  3. i dont theres much pain in it
    but ya its true!! 8-)


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