Tuesday, December 17, 2013

T.O.S.S. Ka Boss - Part 2

So the T.O.S.S. ka boss Mr.Rahul left the mall in a merry mood with his girl friend following him.

Once back home, he unwrapped his goodie bag and checked the contents like a child. He carefully checked each item and went in to bathroom to clean his 7 O'clock stubble.

His girlfriend Geeta was impressed. She called up Nisha, her BFF (best friend forever) and whispered in the phone.

Geeta : " Hey Nisha. You know what? Today he shaved."

Nisha : "What the hell! How did it even happen?"

She narrated the whole T.O.S.S. saaga patiently to Nisha.

Geeta: "I must say yaar. His clean shaven look bowled me over!"

Nisha: "I know. So click a pic na. A couple pic and upload it on facebook. You were dying for a perfect pic with him :)," said Nisha in a joyous mood.

Geeta: "That's a cool idea. Chalo. I will click it and what's app you in a while."

Rahul came out of the bathroom and his clean shaved avtar was really cute. Geeta lovingly looked at him and came forward with her I-phone for that perfect click.

He stopped her and said, “Hey. No clicks now on facebook. Let me first upload the pic I clicked with T.O.S.S. folks.”

Geeta : "But what will go wrong with just one more click?"

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Rahul: "If you upload and tag me people will rush to like your pic and mine will get ignored. I should get as many likes as possible to win the prizes. Remember?"

Geeta : @#*@#)!

To be Continued...

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  1. Thanks for tagging. will accept soon.

  2. You have a very good imagination. Waiting for Part 3.

  3. Wow... loved the follow up from 1...
    Thank for tagging me... Acknowledged you in my post here...

  4. Interesting post Ashan. Now waiting for the next. I have tagged you here Hope you will accept it. Thank you :)


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