Monday, December 16, 2013

No Loss with T.O.S.S.!

"I thought I was walking in a desert of thorns.
Then I realized I was sitting next to him in mid of traffic and horns.
I thought someone placed a sand paper by my side.
I tilted my head to see that his cheek rubbed mine which made me chide."

These were the poetic lines I jotted down once I met him for the first time. How silly it is right? There is no love or romance in my poem. It just reflects my disgust and my deep desire to see him clean and shaved.

 "I hate that unclean stubble!" I expressed what I felt the second time we met. He knows by now that I can't fake emotions.

"But darling it makes me look hot." He promptly replied.

"Only burning that stubble will make you look hot." I responded.

We both lunched silently.

Then someone announced somewhere in the mall. Prizes every week. This is a T.O.S.S fight. Take Out the Smelly Stubble. Whoever is clean shaved can walk on to the dais and grab a prize. All you have to do is be clean and smell good. You should come and touch our organizer and Sponsors and share the picture on Facebook. The more number of likes you get, the more number of goodie bags you will win. You should wear a T.O.S.S. badge everyday to hold a solid chance to daily win a voucher. Depending on your consistency we will gift you a home theatre by the end of the month! Hurry NOW!

Even before the announcement ended I saw him running to the rest room to shave off his stubble. He ran to the dais and won a goodie bag. So more than me and my love the TOSS made him look handsome!
A T.O.S.S. Win.
Click on the image for clarity

I wrote this post as a response to Ekta's tag. How ever I am not tagging any one as I don't know many who are participating and cannot follow up!

This post is a part of the Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Nice post. I was under the impression a well trimmed stubble represents masculinity.

    1. I am still under that impression :D but ya it has to be well trimmed , the unbathed/unshaved look is not hot
      By the way this is just a silly story for the prompt :) thats all
      Thanks for reading

    2. I know. I was also just kidding. Take care.

  2. Hi dear, I have tagged you in my post below. Do let me know when you are able to acknowledge it.
    Tag me back if you wish.

  3. I hate hate hate the stubble because it pricks and irritates my skin. :p


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