Thursday, December 19, 2013

To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.- Part 3

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Geeta's Facebook wall got flooded by the comments from all over the world. She was surprised on seeing the response Rahul was getting.

Rahul was overwhelmed too.

Geeta wanted to throw a party to Rahul as he finally got rid of the stubble. She might not be the reason but she was thankful to T.O.S.S. for bringing joy in her life and decided to celebrate.

Geeta : "Let's go to the Great Kebab Factory. It is my treat."

Rahul smiled to himself and thought, "My clean shaven look must have bowled her over!"

He spoke to her : "Really! You never spend a penny on me . How come a party now?"

Geeta gritting her teeth : "Just think it is a party in advance as you will any way win!"

Rahul gave a stuble free kiss on her cheek and said , "I love you dear. You are the best."

Geeta blushed at his gesture. They both started to the Great Kebab Factory. They ordered a soup and veg salad first.

Rahul to waiter : "Does your veg salad have broccoli in it? I want it with out broccoli. Also avoid leafy vegetables! "

Geeta gave an irritated look. "What is it with broccoli now?"

Rahul: "Arey! I should not have vitamin rich food. Also no egg, meet , cheese or any thing which is rich in vitamins or folic acid till the contest ends. I read some where that all these foods help in faster facial hair growth."

Geeta rolled her eyes and replied, "Now you are being obsessed with this contest Rahul. Take a break man!"

All of a sudden a crowd gathered around Rahul and started asking him if he was the same person from the TOSS's facebook click. Geeta wanted the evening to end ASAP!

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To be continued..

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  1. Good one. Waiting for Part 4.

    "no egg, meet , cheese"? meet? This is not to point out any typo. This is to prove I read your post intently.

    1. And I feel so glad by knowing that U read it intently and not just for the heck of it. Ya this will end in part 4. I realised its very tough to write short parts of the story . PHEW!

  2. Hi Afshan,nice post with pictures. BTW I have tagged you here in
    The Real Reason of Divorce between Hrithik and Suzanne !
    . Hope you will acknowledge me on your next post :)

    1. will do If I write one more. :) Thanks for acknowledging me
      good day

  3. I have tagged you in one of my post here ,I hope you will respond to it.


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