Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 11. Smile!!

The Day 11 prompt for "May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life" is- 11. A smile: A smile can change the world. I hope you find many to choose from today.

A kid's smile is innocent , straight from the heart , simple and pure. Therefore smile reminds me only and only kids. The below pic features my cousins' kids. Clockwise - Husna - one hyperactive bubbly girl on the left most section of the pic who is trying to scare the people :P . Omi / Sami with her - in horizantal striped tee shirt, Danish- the sweetest of all is in white shirt and bottom most is the chirpy funny guy who is my heart favorite -Ayaan. He just started going to school. My favorite pass time is to talk and play with them.  Their smiles are infectious and make me instantly happy!

Love them all.

I wrote this poem to Ayaan long back on his birthday when he just started going to school.

"The innocent smile steals my heart every minute.
The questions in your mind are always infinite!

When I see you I feel childhood is precious and growing up is pain.
The only desire is to time travel and be a child again!!"

I am hoping he will understand it once he grows up :) A kid's smile can truly set all things straight :)
Have a happy day filled with smiles!


  1. A child's smile is packaged rainbows and sunshine... beautiful captures and equally beautiful words. :)

  2. Very beautiful are really special and their smiles are so effortless :)

  3. Such lovely bunch of pictures!! And u r so right, a bachuu's smile can light up ur a day and a slightest frown can pain u like anything!!! Sigh!!!

  4. Kids everywhere for todays prompt huh. possibly cause they dont beive in smiliing diplomatically ;)

  5. Lovely Pictures. Kids smiles are the best! They have a special way of cheering up even the most tired souls. :)

    1. @Jyothi : Ya thats true. Thank U !

      @Meena : Yep they cant fake. Thanks

      @Smita : So true. When a kid is sad it feels like doing any thing we can to make them smile :) Thank U

      @Shilpa : Thanks for the appraisal :) and agree with what u told!

      @Rainbow Hues : yep thats true. Thanks Kaajal

  6. Smile is God's gift
    especially when it comes
    from an innocent child
    OMG! its lovely and wonderful too
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Good Wishes

    Philip @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina's Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog PV Ariel :)
      Yep kids smiles r straight from heart!

  7. Their smile is indeed infectious. The poem is lovely, we all want to be kids again. :)

  8. So true... smiles are synonymous with kids! It's such a good feeling watching all the happy kids playing in my building when I go for my evening walk... makes you feel that there's more to life than grown-up problems and stress and stuff... gives you hope...

    Lovely little poem that you wrote for Ayaan... and I love how Shilpa put it above... "rainbows and sunshine"...

    1. YA Kids are a bliss. Sorry for the late reply. I was out of town ;) and thanks for the beautiful comment !


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