Friday, March 28, 2014

Being "Afshan" :-)

Being myself is a puzzle which I try to solve with each passing day.
Every day I discover a new side of me which may or may not stay.
I am like that season which passes by but leaves its mark.
I am like that glow which enlightens you, yet keep you in dark!

I rhyme with out a reason and I write a poem any time, any day.
Poems make me sing, make me smile and they make me sway.
I heart my blog and even my man can't come between us.
I talk to myself here and at times trap my soul in my words!

"Being Afshan is a riddle to solve,a mind to evolve and thoughts which revolve or dissolve!"

Reading and writing keep me sane and I write to know me more.
Even as I am writing this I realize there is something more in store.
I love celebrations, I love getting decked up and I love travelling and nature.
I am thoughtful at times, watchful many times and sometimes I am a premature!

I travel in to memories and  keep the kid in me alive to enjoy life's smallest joys.
The man in my life helps me maintain poise and also bears my noise;)
I can never write a short post, so please tolerate these few lines about me.
To know more you and me should sit and talk over ten cups of coffee or tea!! :-D


  1. Lovely being you Afshan. :) Loved the poem, it's almost like a song. You should record it. :)

    1. Thanks Pooja :)
      Glad u loved it. To record I shud find a nightingale voice :D

  2. Hahaha wonderful tagline. Lovely collage.

  3. Beautifully written, Afshan!! And the photos are lovely, they go perfectly with the poem :)

    1. Thanks Fabida
      Being fab likes being afshan , that's cool :)

  4. An ode to yourself? We like :)


    Do drop by mine

  5. a mystery indeed :) Very beautiful lines!

  6. @Aparna , Kajal , Privy : Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  7. 'I heart my blog and even my man cannot come between us'
    HAHAHAHAHA this made me laugh so hard.
    You are a masterpiece! ADORABLE! :)

  8. Lovely collage. All the pics are fabulous and so is your poem!

  9. This is so lovely! And my God, you're so beautiful, inside and out :)

    1. aww thats a sweet compliment Aishwarya :)

  10. Loved your post Afshan! Though not a fan of poetry I couldn't stop reading once I started on your piece. Awesome! :)

  11. Knowing you was beautiful! <3

  12. Beautiful poem Afshan, beautiful you and your collage. Loved coming to blog. Same pinch for , I heart my blog and even my man can't come between us ;p

    Do join us in our motherhood journey at The Sinhas at No 302.

  13. Aha! There is so much in being Afsan! Nice one! Lovely collage :)


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