Friday, July 27, 2012

Woman makes poem beautiful or poem makes woman beautiful- U decide;)?

Was thinking how Great poets write poems on women and how lyricists write those beautiful songs and just gave a try;) Do not laugh at this and once I finished felt like dedicating this poem to one of the most beautiful women ! I randomly linked the pic with this poem. Do not point facts / logic as it is a POEM :) Read on

"I thought its a black pearl shining on a golden necklace,
then I realised its a mole shining on your golden face.
I thought the sculpture of Khajuraho became alive,
Then I saw you dancing classical, break and even Jive!!
My heart gave a skip and I coudnt stop staring at you.
You ignored me as if I am a false alarm when every bit of it is true!!
I lose my senses when you smile and your eyes beam.
Holding your hands and being with you is my dearest dream!!”

----  Afshan------

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