Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Round Figure- We all feel bad pcch :( [No its not about the body figure]

What is it with round figures??Dont U feel bad when U scored 79% and literally let out a sigh saying "OH YAR" Just 1% from 80!but no worries i will say 80 to all - a round figure:)

Dont you feel odd to buy 9 chocs when spending some extra money will giv u 10 !

Dont U feel like wanting some more or may be one more when U have 29fans on some whatteva FB page U created!then it becomes 35 -- 39 and cycle repeats!

Dont U feel like having 30 likes when there are 29 on ur pic/ post /any thing under the sky u talk!? -- DEDICATED TO THE FB OBSESSION many having lately and also dedicated to whatteva odd even or round figured number likes I GET here ;) By the way "0" is also ROUND:) and dont keep "THE ROUND" to be good when it comes to body -- Afshan:)

“You feel like having greenery in the blue ground.

You don’t want to hide behind a wall, You want to be found!

If you are unheard,U make a lot of sound.

You shout in a rage or cry as if you got a wound.

Then there come the fans and the fellas one after the other in a round!

These figures are better than your savings. You can smile and turn around!!”

Image courtesy : http://funny-pictures.funmunch.com/

-----DEDICATED TO Facebook---------and also to all who believe FB has power to heal and seal all possible wounds

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